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  1. Same!!! And because I don't like her to stay in one place. I prefer when she goes on tour to different places, so more people have a chance to see her!
  2. Thanks!!! I look forward to the Chromatica Ball much more
  3. I don't blame him, it's just that I think he should've not tell us something that wasn't 100% sure. I do like him and his works! We finally got a date now 😁
  4. 26 more dates, other than the 9 jazz and piano dates?
  5. I’m happy she’s doing jazz concerts again, especially after the release of Love For Sale 😍 I only wish I could go, I had a ticket to see the jazz and piano show in 2020, but it was postponed due to the pandemic, and now I can’t go anymore….ugh lol A guess in november she’s gonna start touring for House of Gucci and going to premieres around the world, can’t wait 😍 Jazz and Gucci era is starting soon! I was wondering the same 🤔 I have no idea, I knew the first contract was 2 years, but I’m not sure whether she really extended it or not 🤔
  6. If I have to be honest I’m not a big fan of remixes, so I’m not that excited about this project, as Gaga didn’t even work on it, and each artist just recorded their parts on their own…Anyway, it’s so annoying how Bloodpop keeps talking about it and say “it’s gonna come out in July” and then August, and now he doesn’t even know 😑
  7. Do we know anything about this year's Vanguard Award??
  8. Oh I almost forgot about this!! I have a feeling it’s not gonna be anything special tbh 🤔 unless there will be some new songs! But I hope I’m totally wrong!
  9. I love it!!! Great job 😁❤️
  10. I’m extremely excited to watch the first trailer, I have no idea what to expect 😱 I’m pretty sure it’s coming tonight, I only wish I knew the time. Do you think it’ll come out at 9pm ET?
  11. I'm glad she is having great times with her loved ones 😍👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩🎾
  12. I'm so excited for this era to start!!!! Can't wait!! 🎷🎺🎷🎺🎷🎺🎷
  13. ugh, I hope they'll go to Rome then 😬
  14. I hope it's true, it would only be in a few days
  15. The fact that she wrote it in Italian 🤣 It’s probably nothing, like always lol
  16. Thanks!!! I do, I have an art account (@giulicooperart), I posted some of my drawings but there are not many.
  17. I hope so!!!! I want news about Love For Sale 😭
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