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    Lady Gaga Wins Lawsuit Over Her Stolen Dogs

    Lady Gaga finally won the lawsuit against one of the people involved in theft of her dogs back in 2021.

    The absurd case started back in February 2021, when Lady Gaga's dogsitter was assaulted and shot by a group of men while he was taking her dogs for a walk. The dognappers took two of Lady Gaga's pets and disappeared in a minivan. Luckily, the dogs were soon recovered safely as well as Gaga's dog walker who revealed that she was highly supportive throughout his recovery.

    At the time, Lady Gaga was in Rome to shoot "House of Gucci." As soon as she heard the news, the artist offered a $500,000 reward to anyone who could help her find her dogs. A few days later a woman retrieved Lady Gaga's dogs, claiming to have found them tied to a pole on a street. A few weeks later The LA police arrested the dognappers and discovered that the woman who found them was involved in the whole operation, but surprisingly she sued the artist because she didn't receive the promised reward. That's why the police advised Gaga not to pay the reward.

    After more than two years of trials, the court of Los Angeles dismissed the case against Lady Gaga, declaring that the woman who sued Gaga was involved in the dognapping and that she "can't benefit from (her) own criminal act."


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