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    Lady Gaga's Dog Walker Ryan Fischer Discusses Shooting Recovery with Gayle King

    Lady Gaga's dog walker, Ryan Fischer, who was shot by thieves attempting to kidnap her dogs, sat down with Gayle King on CBS This Morning to give his first television interview. The two addressed Ryan's injuries, overcoming his trauma and his healing practices.

    While discussing the aftermath of the shooting, Fischer revealed that Gaga has been highly supportive throughout his recovery. He revealed that he "stayed at her house for months", and that his family was flown out to Los Angeles to comfort him while he was being treated by trauma therapists.

    Fischer's comments debunk speculations that Gaga had not provided any support to him in the months following the incident, which began after he launched a GoFundMe campaign to raise additional funds for his recovery. To address these rumors, he said the following:

    “LG is very supportive of my journey right now and I think it is hard for people to understand why someone would go about healing in this way. I grew up Catholic, a Jesuit faith, and there is something about giving up your resources, giving up belongings, and to contribute that to society, so I know that doesn’t make sense to a lot of people but she totally gets it."

    For the next part of his recovery process, Fischer is planning to head to a trauma retreat for first responders and army soldiers, stating "I feel a bit of an outsider because I am a civilian but I also welcome hearing their stories and me sharing in my own and feeling what that feels like to share in stories of trauma and grief to then go forward."

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