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  1. Everyone wants but ı’m not doing this in stupid love week and ı searched this vinyl 1 year... you know how ı wanted
  2. Yes mental healty section its very important its not place for spam ı played stupid love week ı think ı just create 2 topic 10 comments but ı see people make 100 comments in topics on mental health forum because +3 point
  3. I think this week's race should be canceled. because this gift is so special since lady gaga signed it and it turned out that everyone was cheating. I suggest that this gift be given again for another week. The points were not like that when I won the stupid love. I withdrew from the race because I saw the high scores and thought they were not real. still your decision
  4. I think you should also disqualify the dafniye, her scores dropped too, so she cheated too?
  5. Hajajajaja my grandparents say same before they passed away
  6. I find a job but we can’t go out with friends in Turkey now ı miss my friends...
  7. I’m sorry for hear that my parents dont say like that but they hate and you dont need your parents opinion to know how gaga is perfect
  8. Gaga’s sound is so sweet in this song when she say “luv u sum”
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