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  1. Her music is so slow and sad for me...
  2. I want daily morning alarm with “Replay”
  3. Marina - Froot Poppy - Computer Boy Sofi Tukker - Swing
  4. Don’t be sad LGN is better 💓
  5. I really like her so much i cant wait her album 💙
  6. Me and sisters cat “Venus” is passed away last year :(
  7. Her team is want to make all of us delusional...
  8. Please make replay mashup 💓
  9. Yes ı like her she has a potential but ı also think she don’t give her potential her last album ı don’t think positions is good
  10. Just Be Kind The Act İtself İt’s Free And İt’s Priceless - Lady Gaga
  11. Yes its horrible to hiding in this world...
  12. My father is going to vaccinate to hospital next week ı’m not tested yet
  13. Today in work ı have so many work but this is also a chill day because we have a new friend in office its him first day and my other work friends birthday today! We eat cake drink something and celebrating its happy day for me end of the day ı hope all of your day is good
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