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  1. Yes everything is very expensive...
  2. Chromatica is not planet its a supermarket 😂
  3. its over ı can’t listen replay live...
  4. I really want to listen live replay but ı think tour is delayed ı hope she add meet and greet
  5. I really want to live in chromatica everything will be pink 💓
  6. The next day another turn came, and so it continued always the same...
  7. The #HausOfGagaLV is back open at @ParkMGM with weekend hours of 11am-7pm Friday and Saturday, and 10am-6pm Sunday. Outfits on display will include the 2010 meat dress, custom outfits from her music videos, the bodysuit from the 2009 VMAs, and many more iconic looks. * I hope ı see this museum one day 💓
  8. My all cookies come to me cracked just this is not cracked and ı want save forever stupid love with resin keychain
  9. I hope everyone is okey my country have weekend lockdowns for 1 month too
  10. Yess she will be a good narrator 💓 I hope she will sing too in movie
  11. Why she try to hiding on this era so much?
  12. Thank you so much for this project I’m on video 💓
  13. I hope he is heals completely in the shortest time 💓
  14. I want this collab to start era for locals again
  15. I can’t wait to see never before seen photos 😍
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