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  1. but yeah I really don't think that Gaga would do something like that to us. Because she seems (she is) so authentic and honest. I mean...
  2. Hi! Well, I think she did sign all those copies. If you look closely, you'll notice that all those letters "L" (or Z hahaha) that she used as a signature are different from each other. P.s.: These are NOT my pictures!! I found them online
  3. I hope that she launches a deluxe version of the album. Otherwise, I'll probably buy the standard version (which is the less expensive one)
  4. Yeah. As far as I remember, a fan asked her to say that line to support a project that he was involved. I mean... my mind is not that fertile 😭😭 Hahaha 😭😭 but I’m not faking it, I swear
  5. Hii. Thanks for replying. Hmmm... In my head, it was at the artRAVE (the album release party), BUT it seems so unlikely at the same time. I know she was wearing glasses or something on her face.
  6. Hi, guys. This is my first topic here, so I don't know if I'm doing it right hehe anyway, I remember watching a video of lady gaga where she says "I'm Lady Gaga and I'm upset (angry? something like that)" It was a long time ago (probably during the ARTPOP era). A fan asked her to record this video during an event. It was so random and short. I'm pretty sure I've watched this on twitter when that happened. Does anybody knows what I'm talking about? Is it something that my mind made up? Maybe a dream? If you do know but don't know where to find the video, please make a comment too. Thank you so much!! And I'm sorry if this topic is incorrect or not allowed D: xoxo
  7. I would say Gaga ft. Lindsay Lohan I almost died when rumors were created about a possible participation of Lohan in a video music for a song off ARTPOP
  8. I remember watching this show on repeat on my tv when I was a teenager one of my favorites memories thanks for uploading
  9. 1) Joanne 2) Speechless 3) ARTPOP 4) Born This Way 5) Venus 6) Sexxx Dreams 7) Perfect Illusion 8) Replay 9) Fooled Me Again (Honest Eyes) 10) Wonderful Bonus: Gypsy (especially the demo version)
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