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  1. So happy to know you're still here! Now we're in Chromatica! What a blessing! I love you fellow little monster!
  2. I remember all those doubters too. I didn't believe them for a second! She has made all of them eat their words & is a shining example of what believing in yourself will achieve! Blessed are we to have our Mother Monster! LONG LIVE THE QUEEN! Gaga being there for us just solidifies how much we should be & are there for each other. I love you fellow little monster. PS We're not old. We're OG little monsters!!! There from the beginning all the way until forever! Isn't it amazing how she's never left our side? I love you fellow little monster! One of the most wonderfu
  3. NEVER TOO YOUNG FOR GAGA! She's THE STAR for/at EVERY age! I love you fellow little monster! Perfect timing AF! I love you fellow little monster!
  4. I was 19 years old. I'll never forget that day! The Born This Way album changed my WHOLE LIFE. I've loved myself so much more since May 23rd 2011 & I've loved my Mother Monster even more for instilling self love within me. Tell me how old you were when BTW dropped!
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