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  1. i have been listening to it every day and i have the same emotion than the first time .that covid could have destroyed it for ruining every plan regarding this album...but it still there and still winning . and it's not over
  2. what a very touching tweet .she is so sweet ..a part of her Heart remains in Italy .well now it's my turn ..yes I'm crying
  3. you are so right .she loved being among you and yes she knows where she comes from and where she belongs now ..Be proud and be Happy .All of you in Italy are living in her Heart forever now <3 <3 she will never forget her wonderful stay and all the love you gave her <3 she is a Queen .Lei è una Regina <3
  4. she will come back Giulia...and for the best <3
  5. Thank you so much you are the best <3
  6. Thank you so much for sharing that beautiful and touching story..The jacket he made with love and passion is wonderful
  7. i love your short flm. it's so beautiful and so artistic as our Gaga is .Thank you so much it's beautiful <3
  8. you are so right about everything ..i 'm happy too because she was so close but at the same time I'm happy for her to go back home and be with the Ones she loves :)
  9. there are no words ...it's very shocking and so horrible ...hearing them laughing of what they did is a such a shame !
  10. Maybe I’m a bit mushy or old fashioned but yes I can’t wait for the two of them to be together again 💖and the best for them to come 💖 he is so perfect for her ,being that far from the show business . That’s a good balance . I love them both so much 💗💗
  11. I am so happy they have been arrested .it's such a great relief for everyone .Now physical and mental Healing are gonna be easier <3
  12. This era will never be finished this album is so good ! It’s the same pronunciation in French than in English . C’est tout simplement Lady Gaga !
  13. This is wonderful I’m so excited ! I can’t wait . Thank you so much 💗
  14. She deserves the best because she is the best 💗I’m So happy for her 💗
  15. This is so sweet thank you so much Giula for sharing this i love it <3
  16. i love it and i love the symbolism ..the curtain on his face and the shot..so perfect
  17. the person with the red dress on looks like Rossy de Palma ...maybe i'm wrong
  18. Thank you Matt .ther're always fake people all over the world and that sucks ..thank you for telling us
  19. OMG what a masterpiece ! so beautiful , so poetic so artistic ther're no words to express my feelings . I love every thing every detail it's magic Thank you so much
  20. i love this amazing picture so much I love Lady Gaga so much i love Dom Perignon so much .Perfect symbiosis ...
  21. it's so beautiful! bravo i love it
  22. OMG your drawings are so amazing , so beautiful , so artistic .They just blew me away .Thank you for sharing <3
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