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  1. well I only watched the Paris footage on YouTube but my favorite part was when she read the fan letter and welcomed them on stage, it was such a heartwarming moment. also the Judas to Aura transition, the Venus performance and the Gypsy performance ❤️
  2. this is such a beautiful story, you're so strong ❤️ she didn't save my life but she made me stronger. last year my mental health decreased a lot, but she is the reason I don't lose hope that everything will get better and I'm acceptful of myself. she was the first person I ever heard say that mental health is as important as physical health and that we shouldn't feel ashamed if our mental health isn't in the best condition and we should seek help (on the 2020 Oprah interview). also the fact that she herself had mental health issues but got better inspires me to do the same. she's had a lot of impact on me in the best way possible and I'll never be able to thank her enough ❤️
  3. well the set list would be the longest since a Chromatica tour must feature every song from the album, but this is what I come up with at this moment: Chromatica I Alice Venus Poker Face Stupid Love Free Woman Rain On Me Paparazzi Fun Tonight Chromatica II 911 Sour Candy Electric Chapel Dance In The Dark Plastic Doll Judas John Wayne Aura Enigma G.U.Y. Alejandro Replay Chromatica III Sine From Above Marry The Night 1000 Doves (Piano Version) Born This Way Bad Romance Babylon
  4. this looks amazing! it really fits Chromatica's style ❤️
  5. done, my personal favorites at the moment are 911, Replay and Rain On Me ❤️
  6. unfortunately I couldn't, my country doesn't have record stores as others. my only chances are this giveaway or the black vinyl to eventually start selling in websites here
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