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  1. Yes of course! Sorry I saw this so late
  2. I have a huge poster wall in my room of Taylor, Amy, Lana, Adele, Florence etc but I’ve never come across a Gaga poster :( I am going to continue searching for an ARTPOP or BTW poster as she is currently the only one of my favourite artists missing from my wall
  3. ARTPOP. this album is one of the best of all time, i love it so much. from the visuals, concept, controversy and mystery, the album feels like a culmination of every piece of pop culture which then implodes, creating a clean slate for Gaga and her career. in my opinion it is Gaga's strongest body of work, alongside Joanne. The Fame is solid, but as expected of a 2008 album, aged. The Fame Monster is amazing but short, and doesn't really sonically or visually fit with The Fame. I find Born This Way to be incredible at times, and boring at others, and has way too many filler tracks. Chroma
  4. i love it, the manifesto of little monsters has some of my favourite looks of gaga’s, i really wish she had used them for an album artwork
  5. Hi! I decided to make another ARTPOP Act II petition poster, which I'm going to print and put around town and thought I'd share it here. All inspiration credits go to the original poster creator @triconoutsold. I hope you like it! If you want to share this on social media, you can credit me with my Twitter and IG handle @codeyhumphrey, and my design page on Instagram @codeydesigns.
  6. What is everybody's Lana album ranking? I think mine is Honeymoon > COCC = NFR! > AKA > UV > LFL > BTDPE. Chemtrails was amazing, I just wish we could get that rich production back from BTD/LFL/HM, as I feel like sometimes it can come across as lazy (you can literally hear an Apple alarm go off at 0:31 in Dark But Just A Game)
  7. Hi everyone, I wanted to introduce myself and this seems like the place to do so! My name is Codey, and I have been a Little Monster since the middle of 2020. After being introduced to her fandom on Twitter I decided to give her music a try, and over 2000 streams later, here I am with tickets to Chromatica Ball! My favourite Gaga album is ARTPOP, and I decided to join here after the possibility of an Act 2 happening, as I wanted to be able to share my excitement. Some of my favorite Gaga songs are Aura, Bloody Mary, Mary Jane Holland, Summerboy and Speechless. I also enjoy design, a
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