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  1. omg thats so cool!!! make sure to show me!! id be honored
  2. My concept artwork for a deluxe version of the upcoming jazz album, with a slipcase and CD I also posted these on my Instagram, so please consider supporting me there! I regularly post concept art for lots of musicians etc :)
  3. i would choose so happy i could die, monster or speechless. been listening to the fame monster a lot recently and have mastered those
  4. i listened for 157 hours and am apparently in the top 1% of little monsters, my most streamed gaga songs are judas, dope + aura my most streamed artist is taylor swift with 550 hours, and my most streamed song is all too well with 201 streams
  5. Lady Gaga - ARTPOP Act II Concept CD Book, Booklet + Pink / White Marble Vinyl. I used mostly pictures from the Steven Klein 'VENUS' photoshoot, except the Inez + Vinoodh photo on the vinyl sleeve, and Gaga's selfie on the other sleeve. Tracklist: GAZE / TINNITUS / TEMPLE / ONION GIRL / SIRE / IN LIKE WITH YOU / PARTYNAUSEOUS / TEA / RATCHET / KINK / MAREN / RED FLAME / BROOKLYN NIGHTS / PRINCESS DIE Please consider supporting my Instagram!
  6. THE FAME MONSTER PROMOTIONAL POSTERS I am super happy with these. I used screencaps from the 'Manifesto Of Little Monsters' interlude, as I am so in love with those outfits. I also used some pictures from the Hedi Slimane photoshoot, as I felt they represented their songs better. Each poster represents a song on the album, and can be distinguished by the 'Face your fear of .......' tagline. I hope you like these!
  7. Here are some non-Gaga edits I made, as I was organizing my iTunes yesterday and needed some! Dua Lipa - Dua Lipa Unreleased & Demos Miley Cyrus - Plastic Hearts Unreleased Miley Cyrus - Younger Now Unreleased & Demos
  8. i’m on summer holiday and it’s the first week and my dad has been horrible to me. he’s threatening me, telling me he’s going to kick me out, shouting at me over the smallest things and it’s just so hard because i have nowhere to go and i don’t want to be at home lol and i have 6 more weeks at home with him
  9. 1. Born This Way 2. ARTPOP 3. Joanne 4. The Fame + Monster 5. Chromatica
  10. my family know i love gaga, lana, taylor etc because i post about them a lot on social media. my mom bought me the pink chromatica vinyl for my birthday actually my grandma LOVES gaga, and actually was a fan before me. a few years ago she told me about her netflix documentary, and that she enjoyed her carpool karaoke and ASIB. she bought tickets for her and her husband to go to chromatica ball, and then invited me and my mom lol. one of my earliest memories is watching the poker face video at her house. she also loves cheek to cheek, and born this way, and i remember her playing TEOG at family parties. i love her
  11. i love overwatch and pokemon, and any kind of tycoon game like roller coaster tycoon/sims/planet coaster i also enjoyed call of duty advance warfare and thought the maps were beautiful lol
  12. lana's what the hell comment always makes me laugh lol she's so funny it's sad to see camilla frequently have eras and ideas that seem to imitate those of other artists, who made those styles their own. it's a shame her music isn't unique enough to make up for it too, there's nothing about her discography - visually, conceptually or musically - that interests me.
  13. im not a fan however i enjoy her music, sad to see her taking a break but happy that she has the ambition to expand her artistic endeavours!
  14. one of my biggest dreams is to work with one of my favourite artists, such as gaga so this means a lot!! thank you so much!
  15. Thank you so much!! This means so much!! and thank you to everybody else who has shown love to my edits in this thread, it means so much and the support is overwhelming
  16. Not sure on this one, the colours are off because the display on my laptop is less saturated than all other pieces of technology i own I imagine this to be part of a boxset she could have released for the 10th anniversary. I used the same colour palette as the music video on YouTube :) LADY GAGA - BORN THIS WAY (THE COUNTRY ROAD VERSION) with Orville Peck's version as a B-Side.
  17. i found mine before from dollar stores, and sometimes i would take a cd i had that was old, missing or broken and clean it’s case up and use that however you can find lots on amazon and ebay!
  18. Thank you so much! It means a lot ❤️
  19. one of my earliest memories is of me sat in my grandma's living room watching the poker face music video, and twelve years later we both have tickets to chromatica ball its weird because with my favourite singers (lana, florence, gaga, taylor) i had frequent interactions with their music throughout my childhood and these memories made me go further into their music years later when i became a teenager. its like through my childhood these memories were foreshadowing lol
  20. Me too! I'd love for her to do something similar for ARTPOP's anniversary (and Act II of course!) Yes I was thinking of doing this, if I get round to doing it I can share the files here (or someone else could share them, pretty sure they were on gagamediaarchives) and if anyone wants to do this, all you need to get is some gloss paper, an empty jewel case and blank cd and burn it. I did something for Lana Del Ray AKA Lizzy Grant a few years ago
  21. The artwork in here is incredible!! I haven't edited anything Chromatica inspired lately, so here's a Chromatica VHS I made in August of last year!
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