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  1. https://imgbb.com/6ggDm63 Inspired by the House Of Gucci trailer, hope you love it!❤️
  2. She looks great and her acting skills are shownCan't wait!!!!!!!!💋🔫 Also, the whole movie's aesthetic looks great too!!!
  3. Please don't say bad stuff about her, she's a Gaga fan and really loves her.
  4. Hi!! I'm a little monster since 2015! I remember seeing The Countess for the first timeand I'm really happy to be here!!💓💓💓
  5. The 4th picture, is this brunette woman Gaga? She's short and brunette, and I really think it's her. What do y'all think?
  6. I'm so happy she reacted! The recording of ARTPOP was such a hard time for her, addiction problems etc....
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