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  1. Really well done. I'm in love with it! I wish I had half your talent!
  2. lol, I just got blocked on Twitter too
  3. I don’t really like GGD... It feels like their only interest is selling stickers and making money (imo) 🤷🏻‍♂️ no shade 🕶
  4. I don't know how I came up with that, but it sounds good, right? 😂 😂
  5. I’m wigless. Speechless. Shook. Snatched. ARTPOPped. This is unbelievable 😭❤️
  6. Hello and [email protected] ! I started following your Twitter page today (or yesterday?) and I'm loving it! It's really great. I'd like to thank you for keeping us updated, you're doing a wonderful job!
  7. I don't think actually. Just the fact that she tweeted about it is enough for me XD
  8. ARTPOP is currently #1 on iTunes here in Italy! Hope she sees that too! wow guys, this is amazing 🤩
  9. Applause is just a little step below those 3 songs imo!
  10. the title track - Venus - Gipsy I couldn't choose just one lol
  11. mhhh "that's suspicious... that's weird"... so we should expect Free Woman as a new single? I wouldn't be bothered, it's a great song!
  12. I'll work on it... most of the people on social media write anger-filled stuff which really upsets my mood.
  13. I’m so so happy guys! We made Gaga happy, that’s what really matters 😭❤️
  14. well I just unfollowed so many people lol, my Twitter feed feels kinda naked XD. I hope it will help me.
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