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  1. Gut feelings💙. Jokes on me for thinking it could be somewhere between 18 to 21😥😭. I'm so scared of Gaga getting old, she'd do less and less tours. I guess I just like to think she would still accompany us in her music as we age together😭💞
  2. It's really disappointing. Even my lecturer once said, "sadly, emmision level is one solid indicator for country's growth. It seriously has direct relation to the country's production, technology, and thus, economy." It is pretty sick to have to accept this situation, while also facing the fact that the worst impact from the climate issues are suffered by the developing countries. Not to mention the animals, it was too heartbreaking when we had to watch the australian wildfire not too long ago. "Dozens of people died in Australia's 2019-2020 bushfire season, which was one of the worst on record. More than 10 million hectares of land burned and over a billion animals are estimated to have died, with many species pushed close to extinction." -CNN. It was so painful watching a lot of action taken to try save the wild animals as much as possible. I live in a developing countries and I can assure you, if something that terrifying happens to my country, there will be very minimal animal-saving acts as we don't have enough resources, enough awareness, and not the greatest government too. We are very far behind in terms of technology, resources, education or simply awareness of these pressing issues.
  3. https://twitter.com/ladygaganownet/status/1395122361473589254?s=20 While I'm wondering about these production difference, I have no doubt that Gaga is already a very hard-working artist. This tweet about 'You and I' production is just another proof, we all know she's very busy with a lot of projects and social acts too. It's just crazy to have to imagine she would crush more albums in a very short time. I guess it's a great testament from the older era singers, they are legends indeed. But, still let's hear each other thought on this!
  4. That must be hard for you, being misunderstood for something that's very difficult to control. I hope you're well and I wish you have or will eventually meet some few good friend that can understand or even help you to better manage the condition <3. I remember watching this condition on Grey's and that episode made me realize how terrifying it would be to be completely transparent with your feelings/nervousness to literally everyone. They fixed it with surgery but of course it's a tv series, I'm sure it's not as simple, as the risks of surgery are quite huge. I hope medicine and therapy could help you better in the near future. Wish you all the love!
  5. second this. and probably bad romance or marry the night.
  6. I hope it stays on the throne for a long long timeee. It'll be crazy when we age together and still have the opportunity to watch The Fame still sit at Top 10 when we're like 50... lol. (I'm 25 now for the context lmao) idk if it's possible though, but let's aim for the stars!
  7. Hi, monsters! I listen to a lot of 70s to 90s singers apart from what's fairly popular in this day and age. I notice that plenty of those older-era singers relatively have more studio albums. By 'more' I mean A LOT MORE. It is understandable because they have lived much longer than younger artists, and probably we'll have modern artists grow their discography more and more in the future. But, seriously if you take a look at some of them: Cher (26) | Celine Dion (27) | Dolly Parton (51) | Barbra Streisand (36) | Aretha Franklin (38) | Diana Ross (24) | Prince (39) | Elton John (30) | David Bowie (25) | Marvin Gaye (25) | Sam Cooke (15) and even Frank Sinatra recorded a whopping 59 studio albums, although he went way back from earlier years. However, there are also singers I listen to like Stevie Nicks (8), Anita Baker (6), Tracy Chapman (8), Macy Gray (10) who have fewer albums. I don't know the exact average number or whatever, but looking at almost yearly albums from Elton, Cher, Celine, and Dolly Parton has only made me more curious about Gaga's future albums. Dolly Parton made the most extreme case here where she recorded 6 albums between 2008-2020. I mean... it's the same number as our queen's albums on her early career, whereas Dolly did in her later years (assuming they're relatively more productive in their younger years). I don't think that more albums necessarily mean a greater artist. But, I think it's still worth discussing lol. Moving on to the question: Why do you think those earlier singers released so many albums than artists nowadays? Is it the tour? (like they had fewer tours back then?) Or do you think the 2000s-2020s artists will catch up eventually? And ultimately, just for fun, how many albums do you think Gaga will have her entire career? Let's discuss!
  8. I also live in tropical weather. Here I can't even differentiate when the summer is really starting because the climate cycle has changed so much. It's really depressing how serious this issue is yet not enough people seriously care abt this. However, I don't know much how I can help the earth except for the basic individual habit to care a little bit better. Is there anything you know of that can help? I'm happy to learn more things.
  9. You're right! I hope she wins at least for the Public Service & Activism category, very well deserved.
  10. It's my pleasure💙 I know how tiring it can be especially when you're in the middle of something. Sometimes its best to just let it happen and finally go away... I'm also pressed by this issue and often find myself too tired/lazy but also enrage😭 to better manage or fight it when it strikes. So maybe other than things that you've tried or will try, 'give it time' is probably a good tool too, as it will pass away after some period. I hope this disturbing attack will less affecting you in the future❤
  11. Oh I mean I tried to understand her with the youtube caption (turned out it's not helping too lol). And wait!! So that's why when I tried to put some of the words to the translator it still didn't make sense😭😂😭 I'm so stupid, I thought this one is something I could understand...
  12. Oh well I'm sorry I haven't seen this before I post mine. Then, it could really help when you listen to music/anything you like, you do it along with the breathing exercises. The common misconception of meditating is that you do little to nothing, just making sense/coerce your mind to a more relax condition. However, it is exactly the opposite. You can start basic meditation with the most simple breathing exercises, people usually understand it as 'paying attention to your breath'. We often do a lot of tasks simultaneously so paying attention to only one thing at a time can be quite confusing. But actually it really helps to ground you as it increases your focus. Try to be there for your breath, feel the air inhaled through your nose, down the breathing passage to the lungs (you can imagine/visualize this/just feel the feeling). And pay some more attention when the air leaves your lung and nose, touching the upper lips/philtrum. It's unsettling at first because there is so little to do, but once you get the idea of "paying attention" and training your focus control, it will be a good tool. I'm sorry if I sound weird or anything.. I grew up with these things and I appreciate it greatly. So maybe I can try to help people to better understand, even just a bit💞
  13. Hi there, for me it's often too hard to manage tachycardia when I'm not laying down, just completely resting for 10 to 15 minutes or however much time you need. You can do diaphragm breathing as Gia said or at least control your breathing, and also listen to whatever calm you <3 in those dedicated resting time. Sometimes, I find myself resisting the tachy so much that I can't relax and focus to breath better. So it might be better to let go of the 'worrying' or your want to get the tachy away as quickly as possible. To put it in other way, try to be more kind to ourselves. If you need more time to manage it to certain acceptable level, then it's totally okay to take your time! And this one, I don't know about your exercise routine, but I find it helps when I try to be more in check with my exercises, no matter how small. I hope you can feel better💞
  14. She seems like a cool person <3 Honestly, I don't quite understand her words as I don't speak Italian and the automated caption is as bad, but it's still hilarious lmao. Probably thanks to the edit and also their body language & awkwardness lol. Even after I think it's finally done, the host still managed to say "you sweat a lot?" to the dancer.... I can't stop laughing..
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