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  1. The fact that you're bored and yet created these cool pieces of art🖤💙 so many talented people here. Great work!!
  2. I'm a helplessly indecisive person to begin with, so this torturous question took me 2 days full of dilemma to finally come up with an answer 1. The Fame Monster 2. Born This Way 3. Chromatica 4. Joanne 5. ARTPOP 6. The Fame As lot of you have said, I love them all too .. so it's really hard to put TF and ARTPOP down there because God knows they're all the way UP THERE. My favorite is TFM and I have no words for this album. It is just out of the world for me, those 8 killer tracks along with The Fame tracks, supremacy. I have only been a little monster since
  3. Thank you so much💙💙💙 It's surely a great community🥳🥰
  4. I know😢😭💙 I'm just gonna go cry and support evrything that's happening...
  5. It is so goood! The process reminds me of those creepy yet fun engaging horror games hahaha. Super cool!
  6. I'd have this as one of my biggest dream too. I wish someday we can go see our Queen live, Adeline. It would be one of the best day in my life, I imagine. Also, I'd like to contribute in my country's education system, it would be great if I can build my own school/teaching community too. That's very nice! I'm obsessed with those medical tv series hahaha. It's gonna be a long tough work, but I know you're going to do really great. We are all rooting for you!!
  7. It was indeed so surreal to watch these happening. Days ago we were just as shocked with DJWS responses... what an amazing chaotic weeks. ARTPOPped I'm crying
  8. Whoa, thankyou Gia! I must've missed your response here.. See you around!
  9. Steff

    SXSW Festival

    I love this so much...
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