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  1. Hauslabs photoshoots are always stunning! Blondga is really the best, and also this hair gives me this vibe
  2. In my country we will have vaccines for about 10% of the population this April too.
  3. Hope there will be some new photos and I love the idea of a fanzine very much.
  4. Hopefully other countries can achieve it too so the pandemic can come to an end.
  5. Her eyes are so gorgeous. And this beat is lowkey a bop.
  6. I love these classy looks so much.
  7. She looks like a goddess omg. Can't wait to see her on the movie.
  8. She looks so cute! I like this MV so much, would love to see the comeback of Yüyi and Jo Calderone.
  9. He's truly a hero. So happy for Gaga to have such a sweet and supportive friend like him. I wish all the best to him.💕
  10. This is very meaningful! Too bad I don't have a pet nor good at drawing so I can't participate. But I will totally support this project.
  11. I love it, very fits the concept in the music video.
  12. I feel like Gaga seems much happy with him and they look so good together. But hope that little monsters won't spam his account
  13. OMG I had always been looking for the full pic of this. It's my most favorite outtake of the MV.
  14. The song deserves much better. Top 3 of the album
  15. In my opinion Always Remember Us This Way is her most likeable song. Everyone I have introduced this song to loved it from the first listen. Some other songs I usually recommend are: Million Reasons, Shallow, The Cure, Sour Candy.
  16. Thanks God the dogs are unharmed and Ryan is in a stable state now! Hope his family and Gaga can get over this soon.
  17. I once planned to but back then my English wasn't good enough to watch films without translated subtitle. Now I still haven't watched the episode yet because whenever I remember about the episode I don't have time to watch it but when I have free time I forget to watch the episode. But I've watched some scenes on Facebook and I think it's very interesting and funny.
  18. Thank you for giving me another chance. I really want to win this so I had made some mistakes, very sorry for that. Thank you so much for the prize, I promise to keep on behave after this.
  19. You can read this article about it : https://www.pelhamandwhite.com/ideas-inspiration/the-beginners-guide-to-bath-time-meditation
  20. It depends on the people. And there's also a thing called bath meditation.
  21. Hope she have emotional supports from her friends and family. She totally not deserves all this.
  22. Thanks God Ryan will be able to recover and pray that her dogs are safe right now, they means so much to her.
  23. The second and the last one are so good.
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