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  1. I became a fan after randomly liten to Million Reasons on YouTube and in 2018. I loved the song and the MV so much and I felt like as if I had listened to it so many times before.
  2. OMG it's gonna be so interesting, really excited for all the collabs. Can't wait
  3. I read somewhere that some artists even accepted to be paid less for Spotify to promote their music.
  4. I'm so hyped rn! Imagine listening to Babylon early version
  5. Love the visual of this era so much 😍
  6. About some months ago I read a tweet said that Gaga would release ARTPOP ACT II on its 10 years anniversary with all the original materials that was forced to be scrapped. Even though at that time I didn't believe it but I still got so emotional with the thought of it. And now we really have a chance to listen to ARTPOP Act II, really a dream comes true.
  7. She really has the hype now so release it as a single would be a smart move.
  8. There's also a fake hauslab account announces that you won the giveaway and asks for your information on both Insta and Facebook.
  9. I don't know how to react when little monsters there screaming Stupid Love 😅
  10. This looks so amazing. My favorite are Bloodpop, Rina, Bree Runway and Ava
  11. I think because it a wine commercials so you have to be over 18 to watch the video.
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