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  1. Yes, the same thing happens to Gaga's facebook account, she has lost about 2M likes since 2018
  2. The fact that she's even banned from the country, so impressive
  3. 125 versions for 1 track? That's shocking, I thought 125 versions total for all tracks from 1 album is already huge but for 1 track omg
  4. The idea of doing this is so amazing. Hope we will get something for ARTPOP 10th anniversary also.
  5. Not me missed it . I really love the visual this era
  6. OMG yass I had always wondered why she didn't on the album because she's such a fan, the collabs just get more and more interesting. They are all underground/indie so ofc many don't know about them, but I really suggest listening to Rina's debut album SAWAYAMA , or check out this collab between her and Pabllo Vittar:
  7. I became a fan after randomly liten to Million Reasons on YouTube and in 2018. I loved the song and the MV so much and I felt like as if I had listened to it so many times before.
  8. OMG it's gonna be so interesting, really excited for all the collabs. Can't wait
  9. I read somewhere that some artists even accepted to be paid less for Spotify to promote their music.
  10. I'm so hyped rn! Imagine listening to Babylon early version
  11. Love the visual of this era so much 😍
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