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  1. How great! Gaganow is definitely one of the best Gaga fan accounts.
  2. This pic is so amazing 😍. Very looking forward to this project.
  3. I've always like Stupid Love but the song gets so much better when played in stadium. I also love the live version at VMAs so much.
  4. They're so sweet and supportive. I also remember that he was the only to join the face mask challenge Gaga posted on Insta.
  5. Thank you so much. The gallery on this forum and the performances archives are the best.
  6. Hauslabs photoshoots are always stunning! Blondga is really the best, and also this hair gives me this vibe
  7. In my country we will have vaccines for about 10% of the population this April too.
  8. Hope there will be some new photos and I love the idea of a fanzine very much.
  9. Hopefully other countries can achieve it too so the pandemic can come to an end.
  10. Her eyes are so gorgeous. And this beat is lowkey a bop.
  11. I love these classy looks so much.
  12. She looks like a goddess omg. Can't wait to see her on the movie.
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