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  1. I want a daily visit from our creator
  2. Brooklyn Nights, let's go. It's like the only song that is entirely finished and would really set the tone for the album.
  3. i honestly think that No Way and Second Time Around are both up there, I like them a lot
  4. Looking like a movie poster, I love it!!
  5. There's something off with the red one and I can't put my finger on it, but the blue one is superior.
  6. Currently I really like this song called Arms by Jack Newsome, yall should give it a listen!
  7. I'm soooo happy that Gaga introduced them more to the world! And by that, I got to enjoy their discog! As If Your Last is just >>>>
  8. Have you guys seen Michael speak?? He sounded sooo adorable. A perfect fit for Gaga.
  9. You know what, I'm so proud of us for doing and pulling this
  10. We knew this was coming but it's nice to get a confirmation but please God, make Gaga safe and all the people in there.
  11. I think I lost all most of my friends in a snap and I'm so sad
  12. Hey! I'm not from Brazil but the amount of love and support u have for Gaga is sooooo amazing and cool to see. 🧡
  13. hmmm OITNB aka the one show that put Netflix on the map haha
  14. Wrote a good Christmas song today and I feel soo happy anyway, have a great day everyone.
  15. same. Lost my job because of it. But I wish u all the best. very good news, hun. And a great thing I should do as well haha
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