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  1. We knew this was coming but it's nice to get a confirmation but please God, make Gaga safe and all the people in there.
  2. I think I lost all most of my friends in a snap and I'm so sad
  3. Hey! I'm not from Brazil but the amount of love and support u have for Gaga is sooooo amazing and cool to see. 🧡
  4. hmmm OITNB aka the one show that put Netflix on the map haha
  5. Wrote a good Christmas song today and I feel soo happy anyway, have a great day everyone.
  6. same. Lost my job because of it. But I wish u all the best. very good news, hun. And a great thing I should do as well haha
  7. A safe space where you can share what you are feeling/thinking/going through atm or vent out whatever u feel. Feel free and be free. Let me start by saying that I feel happy rn and my mental health has been boosted a lot by these festivities around me with my family. I feel light. 🧡
  8. soooo excited and sooo impressed by this comeback so i made an account finally. Great job!
  9. Telephone. The prison setting threw me off and surprised me big time. The Fame videos, you can think of what they are gonna look like based on the title and the song. Just Dance (partying), Poker Face (Poker game), LoveGame (subway) etc. I honestly think Telephone's MV elevated the song from a pop banger to a pop classic. Well done. Btw, I was expecting club scenes haha.
  10. (based on my favorites) - Chromatica > Joanne > ARTPOP > Born This Way > The Fame Monster > The Fame (based on what I think is her best) - Born This Way > The Fame Monster > Chromatica > The Fame > ARTPOP > Joanne
  11. I'm so proud that she did this and was her initial reaction after postponing Chromatica.
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