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  1. The taste is the same with the original Oreos just the color of the biscuits and cream is different
  2. I don't think I am ready every time I see a picture from the set I will be passed away and turned back
  3. I am looking forward to listen it. Check to check is a tasteful album to listen but I believe that the new version will be another level
  4. Well I bought eu version in my country but I need us version cause except outer packaging nothing is about chromatica or gaga I want GagaXOreo US versionnnnnn
  5. I wish Haus Labs had skincare products Wow isn't it awesome she has started her beauty brand for a year ago and now she is in the top 3 I have no words to say Girlll you left me speechless
  6. To be honest FN is one of my fav album I started to listening from the first day but im not that sure about the moonlight edition it kinda looks like forced and I have waited some different songs but ofc I will give it a try yeah same she must have added some more different things
  7. Oh i see being with some people and getting attention and love makes me feel relax and happy I believe that I miss this when I do online schooling. Also I am happy that you made a good decision for you
  8. Yeah going to gym would make me feel better but they are closed in my country because of covid but as soon as they opened I will start After going to gym I feel tired and this makes me feel like I achieved something Wow i am soooo happy for you congrats oh I thought that you needed to lose some weight but as I can see it is because of anxiety I am sorry for that
  9. That video totally sucked me up. I want to go to a club like THIS one and savour the chromatica songs like you
  10. Sadly, it does. I can't focus on anything that I need to be focused. I don't know how to avoid it by myself but when I feel anxious if someone I loved or cared gives me his/her attention and love my anxiety gets better.
  11. Don't think about what other people will think be who you are, do want you want and accept yourself. We all are good enough to be loved and cared
  12. When I feel depressed or emotionally unstable I search for a performance of Lady Gaga and after a while I feel better. This is the way that she helps my mental health
  13. It looks catchy I can just look at it for hours
  14. I agree with you something is on the way and we'll learn it soon
  15. I am so happy for you Can't image what you feel 😌 I would want to get those us only ones but I need to contented with eu packaging
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