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  1. Hi! Dont worry dear 💙 this pandemic caused a lot of hardship for so many people (including me), but as soon as all this will get over, I hope you will find an amazing job. And please never question your art and creativity. Its your own. No one, not even hard times can tell u that's it's not good enough. Art is never wasted. Do not worry. Maybe you can look for some part time job for a while until this virus cools down more. And please Just believe in the universe and be grateful for whatever and whoever u have with u right now. Universe will grant all your wishes💙 And even if the whole w
  2. I'm from India🌈 I'm a little monster since 2012, when I first heard Marry The Night💫
  3. Thank you so much I cant tell this means so much to me 🥺 I always wished ro have her merch someday ❤❤ You're so kind! thank you ❤ I dont really own kinda any merch from her. I wish i can just win a few ❤
  4. So happy for yall.❤ I remember there was some issue during the VMAs.
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