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  1. Look, I'm from Colombia and the situation here is also very complicated. Many businesses closed and many people will be left without work, this led to children moving from private to public schools. I am from a private school, apparently they are going to close it because they do not have the support to handle it so I have to change schools in the last year of study :( But, try to stay calm, it is worse if we worry as we block our thoughts. Hope everything can improve soon.
  2. I personally have a hope that it is true that there is a video of sour candy. I'm Little Monster and Blink, there have been rumors about them for a long time, the girls and their team have also been seen teasing something about sour candy. However, it may not be the video, maybe it is a presentation or something related to it.
  3. I'm from Colombia 🇨🇴
  4. Omg! Thanks for this opportunity! I find the event very interesting and I hope I can win something. I still have some doubts, I don't speak english very well but either but I will do my best. ♡
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