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    Joe Biden Declared the Next President of the United States

    Joe Biden is declared the 46th President of the United States, with Kamala Harris as his Vice President.


    With 290 Electoral votes confirmed and another 16 pending, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris beat Donald Trump and Mike Pence in the 2020 Presidential Election. Biden and Harris managed flip a handful of states that looked as if they were in Trump's favor. The number of absentee and mail-in ballots were so large that they took days to count, but they were ultimately what led Biden and Harris to victory.


    Kamala Harris is not only the first female Vice President, but also the first woman of color to hold that title.

    After a long four days of waiting for results, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were declared the winners. Multiple celebrations happened worldwide, in real life and online. Lady Gaga tweeted:

    Lady Gaga has shown her support for Joe Biden over the years starting with the Obama administration. She and Joe Biden teamed up in 2017 for the Its On Us Campaign where they urged action against sexual assault. She had recently publicly endorsed his run for president on multiple platforms. She also spoke and performed at his rally in Pittsburgh.


    Joe Biden's victory is also a victory for the LGBT+ community, for which Lady Gaga is a part of and an advocate.
    In his first speech as President Elect, he stated he was thankful and proud of the coalition that helped elect him, including the LGBT+ community. He is the first president in history to mention the LGBT+ community in a victory speech.

    Congratulations to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.


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