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    Lady Gaga Speaks and Performs at Joe Biden Rally

    Lady Gaga took to the stage the night before the 2020 US election to show support for Democratic presidential candidate, Joe Biden. The rally took place at the Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

    She appeared on stage with a custom studded mask that said VOTE.

    "If you're here, you probably already believe in Joe Biden. I know I believe in Joe Biden," she said to the crowd.

    "He's the right choice over Donald Trump. You don't need me to tell you why."


    "You have all the evidence you need to look at this choice and know in your heart without any doubt that Joe Biden is the right choice." 

    Lady Gaga continued her speech by urging the American people who have not voted yet to make a plan. "If you believe in Joe Biden and you haven't already voted, make a plan to get to the polls tomorrow. [...] Cast a vote for your country to do whatever it takes to stand up for what you believe in. [...[ This is your vote and we need all of you to vote." She warned the crowd about feeling too comfortable with mail-in votes and absentee ballots. She alluded to 2016 how people were too lax and playing it safe. "It's tempting to feel comfortable and sit back but now is not the time to feel confident and sit back."

    She then called out Donald Trump's past behavior and ended her speech with, “No matter how you identify, now is your chance to vote against Donald Trump. A man who believes his fame gives him the right to grab one of your daughters or sisters or mothers or wives by any part of their body. Vote for Joe Biden.


    After her speech, she took to Twitter to address Donald Trump personally by sending him a video of what she said. The President of the United States had earlier used his platforms and last campaign rally to accuse Lady Gaga of being a poor choice of celebrity endorsement for Pennsylvanians. However, multiple people online showed their support for her, and she was trending worldwide on the website.

    She came back to the stage one hour later wearing a white "Joe Biden" crewneck to perform two songs. She started with Shallow. "This is not political, this is not about red or blue. This is about heart."

    She then performed You and I, where she called Joe Biden her new, "Pennsylvanian Guy."

    She ended her appearance by referencing the negative attention from conservatives she received in her online endorsement photo. "I will not be told what I can and cannot wear to endorse our future president."


    After her speech, she welcomed Joe Biden onto the stage. He entered to Lady Gaga's The Edge of Glory and introduced himself to the crowd as her friend.

    This was the last rally the presidential candidate held before the 2020 US Elections. If you are registered to vote in the United States and have not yet voted, be sure your voice is heard November 3, 2020.







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