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    Nick Knight and Anna Trevelyan Unveil Untold Stories from Collaborating with Lady Gaga

    Nick Knight and Anna Trevelyan recently discussed their collaboration with Lady Gaga in a new video from SHOWstudio, shedding light on some captivating behind-the-scenes moments.


    Stylist Anna Trevelyan, who collaborated with Lady Gaga's longtime creative partner Nicola Formichetti, shared her insights on working with the iconic artist alongside another long-time Gaga collaborator, Nick Knight. In a recently released video by SHOWstudio, they delved into some of the most memorable Gaga photoshoots, offering glimpses into the happenings behind the scenes.

    Additionally, the video featured previously unseen footage, including video interludes directed by Nick Knight and Ruth Hogben.

     large.605214120_JoCalderone(4).jpg.79258   large_033.jpg.aa760ad91d04fe0fb76df459bc

    Anna disclosed a fascinating detail, revealing that she was the one who delivered the iconic slap to Gaga's face during the Countdown Interlude for The Monster Ball Tour. The duo reminisced about their experiences during the photoshoots, expressing admiration for Gaga's remarkable work ethic and professionalism. Nick recounted a unique moment from 2009 when Gaga consumed a real, raw cow heart for one of the interludes, with Anna describing how emotions ran high on set, resulting in tears. She also shared the profound impact of the Jo Calderone photoshoot with Nick.

    The video concluded with a discussion of the "slime" scenes from the "Born This Way" video (2011), emphasizing the incredible and distinctive experience they had while collaborating with Lady Gaga.

    You can watch the whole interview here:


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