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    Lady Gaga On What She Learnt From The "University of TikTok"

    Glamour UK has just published a new interview with Lady Gaga in which she spoke about her beauty brand Haus Labs,  what she learned on TikTok, and her latest stadium tour: The Chromatica Ball.

    You can read an excerpt from the interview below:

    "I think the thing that I’ve loved the most is just seeing the beauty community on TikTok. Obviously not everyone is kind, but there are a lot of really kind, lovely people on TikTok that just want to share their knowledge of makeup, their knowledge of beauty, their experiments, and not only their looks, but their techniques and their hearts. I love watching people tell stories about their lives while they do their makeup to get to know them better. But also, it adds a sense of emotion and warmth to the experience, which is how I feel a lot of us feel when we’re doing our makeup. There’s a lot of reflection that takes place.

    There was this one young boy I watched on TikTok who wears beautiful makeup, and he was sharing his story about how his friends would ask him not to wear so much makeup when he went out to dinners or parties with them. He talked about how that made him feel and how he was just going to continue to make the best possible look he could to really express who he truly is. I thought that was so inspiring. Of course I’ve seen other tips and tricks of how to chisel your jawline and such, but I think the real magic is when people share their hearts with you and the way that makeup transforms your life in a way that extends beyond the physical."

    Then she spoke about her love for the UK:

    "I have a very deep relationship with the UK. We had the honour of crafting the Chromatica Ball, our last stadium tour, in Leeds. I was living in Leeds while we created that tour and we filmed the imagery for it in London. There’s something about the UK – I feel like when I’m making anything creative there, I can feel the spirit of every artist that has ever worked there and it just seeps into the work. It’s impossible for what you're making not to feel like it’s come from there. I remember we were in Dusseldorf watching the show without me in it. It had the fashion and the imagery in it and I was just watching for the lighting with my other art directors and we all looked at each other and said ‘this is all very, very UK, isn’t it? This is very London.’ But I love the whole UK. It’s meaningful to me because I’m a huge fan of the influence it has had on makeup and fashion for me and worldwide. That's why I'm so excited to launch into Sephora UK."

    Lady Gaga's makeup brand Haus Labs launches exclusively in Sephora Westfield and on Sephora.co.uk on Tuesday 6th June.

    You can read the full article on Glamour UK.

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