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    Haus Labs By Lady Gaga Launching In Sephora UK

    Lady Gaga's beauty brand Haus Labs will launch its stellar supercharged makeup line to Sephora UK in-stores and online on sephora.co.uk starting June 6.

    Haus Labs x Sephora UK collaboration comes after the brand's new partnership with Sephora in June 2022. Since that, Haus Labs by Lady Gaga produced a plethora of new clean, safe, high-performing, and natural skin-care-infused products. Their products were available in Sephora stores in the US and on their websites, but from June 6th they are coming to Sephora UK.

    With the brand's arrival at the Sephora UK, Lady Gaga shared her insight with the British Vogue, saying:

    "I discovered make-up when I was really young, and that my love of make-up has both, like, a family origin, as well as a deep passion for self-expression and artistry. ...One of the biggest problems we experience with our skin is not wearing sunscreen, so it was important to me that when we made complexion products at Haus Labs that we addressed inflammation (Triclone Skin Tech Foundation). ...I’m so excited to be launching in the UK. I have also been inspired working with make-up artists like Val Garland. I remember as a very young girl watching the McQueen shows and seeing the way that make-up went from barely there to high-fashion prosthetics and references to Leigh Bowery. The Chromatica Ball was very much inspired by the UK and its relationship with art, fashion and make-up."



    Haus Labs will be available in Sephora UK stores on June 6 and it's available worldwide online on hauslabs.com.

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