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    Lady Gaga Kicks Off The Chromatica Ball In Düsseldorf


    Lady Gaga wrapped up her first date for The Chromatica Ball Summer Stadium Tour. Gaga surprised fans in Düsseldorf, Germany with an enigmatic performance.  

    Lady Gaga opened the show with an interlude shot by Nick Knight displaying mysterious images that took on the forms of various different shapes.  Then shadow figures of Gaga appear as she poses along to the music in the interlude. Finally, we see Lady Gaga with her face covered in spikes as she opened the show with Bad Romance inside a vessel.


    Lady Gaga eventually broke out of the vessel to perform her other signature hits Just Dance and Poker Face. Gaga was high energy during the choreography and the energy in the stadium was high.


    Act I begins with another interlude featuring Lady Gaga strapped to a surface looking at the camera wearing while wearing leather adornments.  The interlude then cut to Gaga with hair reminiscent of the Poker Face era with wires coming out of her head. After the ending of the interlude, Gaga performed Alice.  While wearing a red-fleshy garment Gaga sang the Chromatica opening track while resting against a ledge.  She then sang Replay as the stage flooded with a green light.  This was the first time that both tracks have been performed live and Gaga delivered fans everything they could have wanted.  She then sang Monster which she hasn't sung live since 2014.


    Act II begins with a garden interlude started playing on the massive stadium screens depicting white flowers and a white shadow moving about the screen.  We then hear the eeriness of Chromatica II play as it transitions seamlessly into 911.  Gaga sported a black latex outfit for the musical number.  Gaga surprised fans with a transition from 911 into her BLACKPINK collaboration, Sour Candy, which was extended and Gaga sang both her and some of BLACKPINK's parts of the song. Sour candy was another live debut at tonight's show.  Gaga then sang Telephone and LoveGame.

    Act III began with an interlude starting to play, which depicted what appeared to be a moon, and Gaga appearing from under the light. Glimpses of sculptures appear on the screen before we hear Chromatica III in a twist transition into the live debut of Babylon, the closing track from Chromatica. Gaga then adorned a golden choir outfit and began to move to the B-stage as she sang the live debut of Free Woman.

    Gaga debuted her piano for The Chromatica Ball during her performance of Born This Way, which resembled that of the roots of a tree. The performance started off acoustic on the piano and then went full instrumental

    Act IV Lady Gaga appeared in another interlude dawning a floral printed gown embellished with flowers and a floral headpiece. As the interlude ended Gaga appeared on the B-stage with her iconic Chromatica headpiece and a sleeveless black latex outfit as she sang Shallow.  She then sang Always Remember Us This Way.  Gaga finished off on the piano with The Edge Of Glory acoustic version and surprised fans with the live debut of Enigma

    Act V begins with a monologue from Gaga. Gaga finished off strong by singing two singles from Chromatica, the lead single Stupid Love, and her collaboration with Ariana Grande, Rain On Me.


    The stadium went black for several until she returned with a monster claw to perform her theme song, Hold My Hand, for the critically acclaimed, box office smash, Top Gun: Maverick

    Gaga then came back on stage twice before finally giving the little monsters one last "paws up." 



    A total of four merchandise booths were available at the venue. Two are located outside the venue, and two are located inside. The merchandise included new and old photos of Lady Gaga during the Chromatica photoshoot sessions. What is unknown is the Babylon merch image in which we see Lady Gaga dawning a blonde bob and posing in what appears to be a Babylon-related visual.


    VIP package gift set includes the following limited edition items:

    Tribe pin set
    VIP lanyard
    Clear Chromatica bag
    Chromatica logo towel
    LED light-up bracelet


    Screen Shot 2022-07-17 at 6.15.54 PM.png



    The Chromatica Ball setlist has a total of 23 songs. 3 songs from The Fame, 3 songs from The Fame Monster, 2 songs from Born This Way, 2 songs from A Star Is Born, 12 songs from Chromatica, and 'Hold My Hand' from the 'Top Gun: Maverick' soundtrack.

    You can stream the setlist below.

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