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    "House of Gucci" Moves To Milan (Day 3)

    Lady Gaga and Adam Driver arrived in Milan to continue filming for Ridley Scott's upcoming movie "House of Gucci" after already spending two days on set.

    The pair can be seen wearing 70/80s wardrobe, with Gaga in a vintage Burberry coat for their first scene. The film will tell the story of the relationship between Maurizio Gucci (Driver) and Patrizia Reggiani (Gaga) and the untimely death of Maurizio as arranged by Reggiani. 

    Here are some candids from set:

    spacer.png spacer.png


    Click on the pictures to open the Gallery

    Later this same day we see Gaga filming another scene with a completely different look. This 80's inspired look has the actress showing continued resemblance to the real-life counterpart she is portraying. Here are the newly released photos from the set of the second scene:

    spacer.png spacer.png


    Click on the pictures to open the Gallery

    Lady Gaga is set to film more scenes in Milan tomorrow.

    "House of Gucci" is slated for a November 2021 release. Director Ridley Scott is known for a quick release, and production is still on schedule for that release date. The film is set to be released in theatres and then on Paramount+ shortly thereafter. 


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