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    Bloodpop Takes to Twitter for Chromatica Remix Suggestions

    After DJ White Shadow got the fandom excited for a potential ARTPOP Act II release, Bloodpop came online to ask fans what remixes, in theory, they would like to see from Chromatica.

    One suggested the Charli XCX remix that never was. The remix in question was supposed to be for 911; however, there was a miscommunication and Charli never received the stems. Bloodpop has since reached out to the singer, and he told the fan who asked that he is "working on it!" 

    One fan stated that all they needed was the Babylon Haus Labs remix, and Bloodpop said it will be included on this hypothetical list.

    He then tagged Rina Sawayama, a musician who covered Dance in the Dark and who has spoken about her love of Gaga before. Another fan suggested she be featured on Free Woman, and Bloodpop agreed.

    Bloodpop also touched on the remixes featuring the late SOPHIE, and whether or not they will be released. 

    Bloodpop said he loves Runway and Bad Bunny but did not say if they made the list, and he "wishes" Lil Nas X could be on a remix.

    Aside from the potential Charli XCX remix, there have been no actual confirmations on any of these features. 

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