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    Fans Start Petition To Release ARTPOP Act II

    Following a joke by producer DJ White Shadow, Little Monsters started a petition on change.org asking Lady Gaga to release ARTPOP Act II, a unreleased EP that she hinted back in 2013.

    UPDATE: DJWS Posted a letter regarding this petition. Scroll down to read.

    Here is a recap of the story.

    DJ White Shadow took to Instagram to joke about the unreleased track "Tea" from ARTPOP Act II being released through an NFT. 

    His April Fool's post read:

    "JUST ANNOUNCED: @ladygaga and I will be releasing Tea as an NFT through YElLOWHEART @nfttracker" 


    Many fans got excited that White Shadow mentioned a song from ARTPOP Act II.  It was promised by Gaga as a bonus release after the 2013 album; it was meant to be the "second act" of ARTPOP.  Although it was scrapped, many fans still have hope for its release, including its main producer DJ White Shadow. 

    At the memory of ARTPOP Act II, many fans questioned White Shadow about the unreleased project, and the producer suggested to “petition Gaga” and ask her to release it.

    A screenshot of the conversation was posted online and the petition started to go viral, at the point that it got the attention of DJ White Shadow and he immediately took to Instagram to post about it.

    "❤️❤️❤️ FOR YOU ALL...

    EDIT: I didn't make this, I just signed it, and not just because I was mean on April fools day. You guys want something, you should fight to get it! Too fun!" 


    Following the success of the initiative, DJ White Shadow proposed getting the petition to 10,000 signatures and he would send it to Lady Gaga. 

    In a mere four hours, fans came together and skyrocketed the petition's signatures to over 10,000.  
    After reaching the first goal, DJWS contacted us, confirming that he would send the petition to Gaga herself, and suggested to get the petition to 100,000 signatures to get the serious attention of Interscope.

    Fans pushing to get the petition to its goal.

    Here is the link to the petition: https://t.co/RfiAfO16nj

    DJWS posted on his Instagram talking about ARTPOP and the potential release of Act II. He shared the following words about his experience during the era and how he has in fact shared the petition with Gaga herself. 





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