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    LG's FOMO Channel releases an alternative version of '911'.

    Lady Gaga released the music video for Chromatica's 8th track, '911', with a lushly detailed setup for the song, daring fashion, vibrant colors, symbolism and slow-mo voguing. The video was directed by Tarsem Singh, and it's considered a masterpiece by the press.

    On October 27, LG USA announced the launch of an exclusive content channel, featuring bonus footage from the shooting of 911's music video along with behind-the-scenes commentary with the director, and an exclusive video edit. According to Gaga, Tarsem and her worked together to create an exclusive visual experience. ''This version of the film will push the boundaries of the visuals and truly deliver the vibrant colors, dramatic blacks, and infinite contrast the way we envisioned them. We hope you enjoy this special version of our film which will allow you to see the details unlike anywhere else!”...and sure they did it.

    The alternative editing of '911' immerses you in a totally different experience, showing very vibrant colors, new camera angles, and a longer and shocking final, which according to Singh, was filmed in one take. ''I knew I wasn’t going to get too many takes…I only did one wide shot and jumped in on her face. In the wide one, I could tell she broke down straight away.''

    Watch it here.



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