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  1. Some of the Enigma show vocals are OUTSTANDING! Thank you for this!
  2. i’m getting ready to delve into starting my outfit- can’t wait to have it studded out and chromatica-fied lol 💓
  3. i am OBSESSED with the new chromatica picture that came out recently. it’s beautifully shot and i hope that they maybe filmed something or we’ll get to see more of the shots from the shoot! maybe in the tri-fold vinyl?
  4. My anxiety, PTSD, and depression all come into effect when it comes to doing the things that I love. Sometimes it feels like a chore to even get out of bed, let alone do any hobbies. I find that if I force myself to do those things that I enjoy them, but it takes so much of my energy. I am trying to work on regulating my sleep schedule so I can have more time int he day and maybe more energy to fo some new things!
  5. Now that filming is over I am sure Gaga is going to really love to be back home with her family! I hope her travels go well and that she enjoyed making the film. We can probably expect promo to start coming out soon-ish, which will be so amazing. I'm sure they got some great shots of everyone for the film! I may be even more excited for this film than for ASIB- and that's saying a lot! I can't wait for the Gucci era to heat up even more <3
  6. I am honestly really excited about the new Haus Labs product- the lip oil. I really want to get the clear shade, as it looks to be a lot less heavy than a gloss and more for everyday wear. I love their glosses anyway, but a clear shade it so amazing! I think the model who shows it off is so attractive, too! I actually can't handle how amazing she looks! This look is so amazing! I've tried a darker look like this before and I always look like I've been punched, so Sarah did an amazing job with this!
  7. the fan-art on the cover of this story is 🔥
  8. I have voce viva and game perfume! every album i’m vinyl, monster hall dvd, cheek to cheek dvd, 5 ft 2 dvd, and a few unofficial books! also the terry ruchardson book and lots of magazines! OMGGGG THANK U
  9. I get that- while I would support Gaga no matter what she would do, I just don't think that the two of them will work together in the future.
  10. A few things that I'm really looking to add to my collection are any of the Gaga singles picture disks, the remix albums on vinyl, the Chromatica boxset, the Fame Monster boxset, some of the CD's that have Retro Dance Freak and Again Again on them, and I'm always hunting for clothes in my size. I think that a few of the unofficial products are really cool too, like the books and CD collections that other people have put together. I also LOVE finding magazines with Gaga on the cover. If I added every magazine with Gaga in it to my collection it would be HUGE because she is mentioned in almost every magazine I have ever opened at least once XD. If anyone knows where I could buy any of these products or has any advice please let me know!
  11. taten


    I think that LG7 will be something like Italian pop/disco. I just have a feeling that Gaga has been working on something this whole time that she's been in quarantine/filming. She often starts writing so quick after the next album- but if nothing comes I'd still be happy. I don't expect anything from Gaga, but if she did release something I think it will be more pop sounding, except for the next jazz album!
  12. I have a feeling that they saved each other multiple times throughout their lives. I truly believe that they are truly such soul mates in the platonic way. I just have a feeling that they were meant to meet each other and create art! I am going to be heartbroken when Tony does eventually pass, but I can't imagine how Gaga will feel. I hope that we are able to come together to support the world with love when that does happen
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