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  1. Love hearing everyone’s stories ❤️
  2. I love this so much! We need to talk about mental health so much more
  3. Can’t wait for this! My Nan and granddad was in a jazz band but my grandad died this time last year :( sad he won’t be able to hear it
  4. So many times 😂 we have hung out at the langham hotel. She sand a new song called Get up and Smile 😂 we got drunk together. Wishful thinking haha
  5. I would love a new fragrance. Skin care is deffo coming next! Would love a face scrub or face mask treatment
  6. Love to hear your stories about meeting gaga! Also what really stuck out in your mind about her? What surprised you about her in person? I met her backstage of Artrave and she was so switched on. Just a power and I already remember her ordering a red wine and coke. When I asked her what is that she replied it’s something she got from Spain and let me try it. Was very nice to be honest!
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