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  1. Visto che non c’e ancora uno scalo italiano, eccomi qui per probare a creare una rete tra fan italiani. Da quale parte dell’Italia venite? Da quanto siete fan di Gaga? 😊
  2. Oh.. here in Europe we can’t have the US edition of the Oreos 😭 I want them.. 😭😭
  3. Finally I can re-use this app, because I can say that this is my second family. Welcome back monsters ❤️
  4. Everytime I look myself in the mirror I don’t like my image, my body.. but I’m trying to do the best. I put my favourite clothes on and I dance. This is a good moment for me.
  5. I think that it’s a good moment for that project. I mean.. this is going to be probably one of the last work of Tony. We know that the GP loves Tony and loves this duo. Gaga is going to by on the big screen as Patrizia Reggiani and this is going to be a great year for her. It’s like C2C and A star is born.
  6. So.. 2021 is near... have you got an idea on what’s going to happen to Chromatica? Sour candy video? New promo? New merch? New visuals? Let me know ! ☺️
  7. Totally in love with this Stack figures 😍😍 He’s AMAZING!
  8. At the moment “La casa de las Flores”. I loved that series
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