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  1. i love this era of visuals so much thank you
  2. i'm oBSESSED i will be commenting literally every day, thank you
  3. omg i needed a high quality version thank you !!!
  4. Made a playlist with a few songs featuring confirmed artists on the Chromatica Remix Album. I love every song and most every artist featured. links from Spotify and AM are linked in the tweet below. enjoy ! 🤍 https://twitter.com/nextlevelbilly/status/1425146322374602754?s=21
  5. i cant thank you guys enought for these
  6. thank you again! and this COVER ART??? ate
  7. ofc that makes complete sense, sorry
  8. oh WOW i’ve been trying to make a huge live album all by myself using gaga media archives files and converting them to audio… thank you so mac for doing this! saves me a lot of time !!
  9. is there any way you could post the looseless Dolby Atmos versions of Chromatica for download? i wanna be able to use them for edits and filtering but don’t know how to rip them from my apple music in the highest quality way !!
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