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  1. ugh bring back the old iconic Sour candy times.She looks soo cute
  2. thats why the Sep/Oct thing seems to be okay to do,but we will have to wait
  3. toronto is confirmed that cant happen this summer(the prime minister or someone else said no concerts from july to october could happen)
  4. New dates announcement soon London/Paris/Toronto postponed to September/October this year Enigma back in December also i dont know if this is true but "her team went back to Vegas in October to see if they can do a livestream concert.Allegedly 2 dates:1 free pop concert and 1 paid jazz night.Idk if its 100% true so..
  5. this is a wholeeeeee serveee
  6. wasn't it supposed to get a preview on GMA today?
  7. they know Gaga now is after their a- and dont want a lawsuit from Gaga's team lmaoooo
  8. Tbh Free woman is rising on the radio charts in France,i just cant understand why they're not pushing it.Look Dua with Levitating.7 months after the release the song may hit #1.
  9. Dua Lipa is the moment.One of the best pop eras in recent years
  10. i am hoping she posts her dogs, and if we are lucky enough:Her,Michael and the dogs, oh lord
  11. she's in usa.landed 3 hours ago
  12. i hope too, but if its in july thats not that soon lol.I hope they do smth around the anniversary
  13. me either, but listened to them and they are pc/hyperpop artist i like some of their music.I hope Charlie and rina are there too
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