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  1. Ugh the way if I can win this RSD vinyl it’s gonna be my first vinyl ever.My country doesn’t have RSD event and it was sad to see this serve in others hands lol and I couldn’t find it online
  2. well bree is a hugeee gaga fan so i am sooo happy for this
  3. i think we can say that Bobby doing the promo fro BTW is his fav thing.He really knows how to put a promo out
  4. yeah saw lots of people saying this.I think if it's not coming he gonna speak about it like he did about the meeting anyways
  5. Well DJWS deleted all his ig posts about the petition and meeting with gaga.I think we could say goodbye to ACTII
  6. Just saw that Gaga's fb page doesnt have the london date in the events.Only the usa dates are there.I honestly think they should say smth like end of may is coming, almost june and no words about the tour
  7. ugh bring back the old iconic Sour candy times.She looks soo cute
  8. thats why the Sep/Oct thing seems to be okay to do,but we will have to wait
  9. toronto is confirmed that cant happen this summer(the prime minister or someone else said no concerts from july to october could happen)
  10. New dates announcement soon London/Paris/Toronto postponed to September/October this year Enigma back in December also i dont know if this is true but "her team went back to Vegas in October to see if they can do a livestream concert.Allegedly 2 dates:1 free pop concert and 1 paid jazz night.Idk if its 100% true so..
  11. this is a wholeeeeee serveee
  12. wasn't it supposed to get a preview on GMA today?
  13. they know Gaga now is after their a- and dont want a lawsuit from Gaga's team lmaoooo
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