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  1. It's amazing to see other mosnters have so much joy in having these things. This video warmt my heart <3
  2. Hello Monsters, for the Tenth Anniversary of Born this way this is my fanmade Scheiße (Music Video). As I am a German Monster, it was my duty to include German aswell I hope you like it. Feel free to share your thoughts. This is made out of love for one of Gagas Best Songs, from one of her best Albums <3 Let's celebrate the Tenth Year Anniversary and release <3
  3. Hello Monsters, for those of you who haven't seen it on Twitter, I edited a trailer for @Triconoutsold "ARTPOP WEEK" event. Heres the HD video: PS: Give him some love, because he's doing so much to make this event happen <3
  4. She really is the definition of Pop Perfection. No other girl in the pop scene of the las Years has had such an amazing Album rollout, Music Videos, reception, Live Performances, creative direction skills as Dula Peep had with FN.
  5. My love for her music came when I heard Poker Face back on the Radio of my 2008 preshistoric mobile phone and was obsessed with it. It still needed me to see Bad Romance to really appreciate the greatness Gaga is and calling myself a little Monster since this day.
  6. I loved the snippets but the song itself is really great bu. Gagas Voice would fit so good to it!
  7. This is just my wishful thinking Thank you very much <3
  8. Hello Monsters, this is my fanmade Alice (Short Film). I worked very hard on the editing of this video, which took me days and days to finish. I hope you like and share it. WELCOME TO CHROMATICA #ALICEnextSingle
  9. After the cancelation of the Joanne World Tour for my date twice, I'm really sad, that it seems to be rescheduled / cancelled again. It's been over 7 years I have seen her live
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