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  1. Here is the 2nd Part of my CHROMATICA BALL CONCEPT. I hope you like it. Paws up, the journey continues. ACT II- MOTHERS PEAK STORYLINE As Gaga and the other crew members walk their way closer to the Volcanic formation in the North, everything seems to change. Their wounds seem to heal, their outer appearance shifts. All of the sudden, in all of them urges the will to fight for their right and a place in this universe. In the mindset of a warrior Gaga finds strength from being an outcast and a woman for the first time in her life. As they‘re moving on through lava fields, no one of them can deny a power within them. In these black and grey wastelands the last thing they would expect is life. Just so, until they stand right in front of a group of human-like beings, dressed all in white. First, unsure of their nature and intentions, Gaga and the other crew members try to hide. But the white-dressed, greet them with wise but rational words. They call themselves the „spritual ones/non-binary ones“, and explain their purpose as keeping together the energy of Chromatica - the name of the planet the crew landed on. Chromaticas energy source comes from the magma inside, a force older than anything else. This explains the power and healing Gaga and the other members were experiencing. It came from the inner core of the planet - transported directly through the active volcano. The spiritual ones refer to it as a female energy, Therefore the volcano as the source of energy is called Mothers Peak. The Spiritual ones are the only tribe capable of handling her gift without destroying it. Not abusing it for their own, but only for good. As Gaga asks them for help to leave this planet, the spiritual ones advise her, to head to the capitol. But they also advise her and the crew to be careful on the way. The Junkyard Scavengers are close by, always looking for the next best thing to collect and trade in the capitol - outcasts of the intergalactic society are worth alot if they get traided as slaves. With the sun on their side, the crew aims to the capitol, located behind a desert… Check out Part 1 - ALICE BAY
  2. I always love your reactions, they are the best! check out mine, it's not as entertaining, as yours, but honest https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IRoc8j4e4h0&t=124s
  3. Hello fellow Chromaticsters, Anticipating the remix album, I wanted to share my imagination of what the Tour could sound like. If you like this Idea, I will continue this series. ACT I - ALICE BAY STORYLINE Gaga wakes up bruised and confused on the beach. Slowly but surely the memories come back that just moments ago their spaceship crashed into the ocean. She’s looking desperately for her fellow crew-members. The crew is a small group of space-refugees that had to leave their home for one cause or another, finding companionship in their exile from the intergalactical society. They were aiming to fly to the solar system known for the habitant planets Venus and Earth, but something has seemingly gone wrong. This place doesn’t feel like home. This isn’t Venus. If the crew wants to live as accepted individuals, they have to find a spaceship or some other way to leave this planet. Earth and Venus are one of the last places, they can live without boundaries. To their fortune, all crew-members are alive, which seems worth celebrating on it’s own. But unpleasantly the spaceship is unfixable, and a lot of members of the ship are injured heavily. Mysteriously one member of the crew seems to heal from their wounds and injuries, as they start to carry them away from the beach. Gaga herself feels a strange, indescribable energy flowing through her body more and more. As their gaze sweeps across the land, they seem to have found the core of the curing of each and everyone of them...
  4. It's amazing to see other mosnters have so much joy in having these things. This video warmt my heart <3
  5. Hello Monsters, for the Tenth Anniversary of Born this way this is my fanmade Scheiße (Music Video). As I am a German Monster, it was my duty to include German aswell I hope you like it. Feel free to share your thoughts. This is made out of love for one of Gagas Best Songs, from one of her best Albums <3 Let's celebrate the Tenth Year Anniversary and release <3
  6. Hello Monsters, for those of you who haven't seen it on Twitter, I edited a trailer for @Triconoutsold "ARTPOP WEEK" event. Heres the HD video: PS: Give him some love, because he's doing so much to make this event happen <3
  7. She really is the definition of Pop Perfection. No other girl in the pop scene of the las Years has had such an amazing Album rollout, Music Videos, reception, Live Performances, creative direction skills as Dula Peep had with FN.
  8. My love for her music came when I heard Poker Face back on the Radio of my 2008 preshistoric mobile phone and was obsessed with it. It still needed me to see Bad Romance to really appreciate the greatness Gaga is and calling myself a little Monster since this day.
  9. I loved the snippets but the song itself is really great bu. Gagas Voice would fit so good to it!
  10. This is just my wishful thinking Thank you very much <3
  11. Hello Monsters, this is my fanmade Alice (Short Film). I worked very hard on the editing of this video, which took me days and days to finish. I hope you like and share it. WELCOME TO CHROMATICA #ALICEnextSingle
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