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  1. These inner sleeves are fanmade, and a concept of that they could look like. Tell me what do you expect of this re-issue! These inner sleeves were inspired and made before the release of the vinyl.
  2. You can copy the image and paste it directly. Also, you can upload it on img-ur for example and insert the URL with this button!
  3. I don't even know half of the nominees, but I just want to say, Mulan (2020) got TWO nominations?? I mean, they're little awards but that film I remember that was SO controversial because they decided to replace Li Shang (a character from the movie originally brown-skined) with a white actor; the Mulan actress supports the Honk Kong police and the filming was took on Xinjiang, where there is a big internment camp. Shame on the Academy for that.
  4. The Golden Oreos taste more like an normal Oreo but the vanilla flavour is more present than a current Oreo (at least here in Spain, other friends of mine say that they taste different depending on the country because of the food restrictions or colorants)
  5. They taste good! Not like an Oreo Golden but more like some bits of coconut on it, it's still good.
  6. I've checked eBay and depop, nothing, or sold out or doesn't exist. It's such a shame, it looks so GOOD and STUNNING
  7. Sure this is interesting, but this remix album still is kinda weird to me, because I think of it more of an EP than an remix album. Chromatica anniversary is coming too close and I don't think that even for May 29 Gaga or Bl**dp*p would release something.
  8. This sweater is really stunning but I'm sad that it isn't anymore avaliable :(
  9. Wait WHAT? Do you have any screenshot of that?
  10. We could try to make every week a streaming party constantly of the ARTPOP singles, or also could make half of an month streaming parties of every individual song of the album, like one day streaming Aura and making TT the title of the track... It would be constantly rising more the streams of the album by streaming one song than all the album. Also make not only stream on Spotify, but on places like YouTube or so!
  11. Still I'm skeptical for this project. I mean, how would be these kind of remixes? Some new featurings and all new BloodPop work without some new Gaga unreleased goodies? I mean, we've been waiting for Babylon Haus Mix for so long even Shazam had it almost like a year...
  12. I like this idea, because I get lost on all the new releases :D I guess I'll talk about what I do think in general of all the songs. Well, about the SYT RMX, I like Ari's vocals and it's nice, but I see it more like a desperate move for Weeknd to reach an easy number one. In fact, I really like more the collab on positions (off the table) than this remix. The Cry About it Later RMX was also something, I really wished that it lasted a little bit longer and Katy had at least a verse... Chosen Family with Sawayama and Elton John was really gorgeous! I really liked it, even if I don't know a lot of her, I only listened to XS from her album, I'll keep an eye these days... Not H.E.R. making a collab w/ C.B. 💀 "what was the last thing u said" gave me vibes of the 100 gecs music but without the chaotic vibe they had, like it's de-caffeined; still I liked it! Lo Que Siente La Mujer... i mean Madonna singing in spanish, WIG Ram Pam Pam sounds almost the same as Sin Pijama, still I enjoyed it. Starstruck from Y&Y is so GOOD. So, what do you think from all the releases?
  13. I'm broke af so I don't collect vinyl right now... but what I do have is a really good amount of CDs as an type of start pack! My favourites visually are Twin Fantasy by Car Seat Headrest and Blurryface by twenty one pilots!
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