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  1. I'm really excited to hear my fav song Replay. If it's truly coming out this month then we really aren't ready. I wonder if every song was remixed?
  2. TFM is classified an an album (aka LP) because it has a total of 8 songs and the runtime is 34 minutes and 14 seconds (9 songs with 39 minutes if you add the Bad Romance remix). An EP (Extended Play) is a release with fewer than 7 songs but more than a single and/or runs for 30 minutes or less. So an LP is a release with more than 7 songs with a runtime of over 30 minutes. If you look at her discography on Spotify or Apple Music (and probably anywhere else) it's labeled as an album. If it were an EP it would be labeled as such. Plus on Apple Music LP's and EP's are separated. LP's are put on top and EP's are placed with Singles. I release music myself so I've seen how everything is categorized.
  3. My relationship with my dad is great. He literally supports me and everything. My mother is a totally different story; she's a pathological liar, manipulative, childish, and most definitely not motherly. I have no relationship with her and haven't spoken to her in 4 years. I have a great relationship with my step mom, totally different story with my step father. I'm glad I don't speak to my mom because having her in my life isn't beneficial to my mental health. Neve allow someone to pressure you to speak to someone if you don't want to speak to them.
  4. It can be quite difficult to not compare your own appearance to others when people love to make themselves look better than they are. Correcting those imperfections they wish they didn't have. I do suffer from a bit of self deprecation when it comes to people online, however I always remind myself that these people may not like their appearance either. If I use a filter it's usually a creative one. Something that looks fun. I don't allow myself to hide behind a beauty filter because I want people to see my authentic self. I don't want people to think I have perfect skin, teeth, hair, brows, or anything like that. I want people to see my natural look because I want people to know that I'm not someone who cares what others think about my appearance. I do look at more "attractive" men and feel down about myself at times, but I then tell myself I don't need to look like them to be attractive, as long as I'm confident in myself people will see that confidence and notice something. Being physically attractive is not always attractive. You could be the most sexy person in existence, but if you have a garbage personality your looks won't save you. Superficiality is too prominent in society, and it's all because of the media drilling it into our brains that if we don't look like these models on Instagram or magazines that we aren't attractive. You don't have to be skinny or have abs to be attractive. Though it can be more physically appealing, it doesn't make you who you are. Too many people, in the words of Michelle Visage, "Rely on pretty," because that's all they think they have. Once you let go of the idea that you need to be pretty to be seen and let your personality do the talking people will see something else in you they didn't see before. To quote Beauty and the Beast, "I think there's something there that wasn't there before."
  5. I'm doing really well. Got a big dinner I'm going to at a fancy restaurant tonight for my Uncle and Grandma's birthday, have my outfit prepared, now just got to wait for 6 PM. I am tired though, but that's nothing new for me lol.
  6. I swear some people have never heard the word "boundaries". I get you want a photo, but there's a time and place for that, and if you are trying to force your way through her security then you should know right away what you're doing is wrong.
  7. This is great, hopefully Britney will have a better chance to succeed in her case.
  8. She deserves so much happiness and I'm so happy that Michael have lasted. You can tell he loves her and she him. She definitely seems more ambitious with him in her life. High key want them to get married and start a family ;))
  9. I think people are going to expect a lot more this time since she doesn't have music to sing in the film. She's done acting without singing before with AHS, but with House of Gucci I think people are going to expect a lot from her this time around. So many fans are already targeting her accent, but we'll have to wait to see more with a hopeful 2nd and 3rd trailer. Just based on the trailer though I think she's going to slay this role and be nominated for an Oscar again.
  10. TW: Depression, Death, PTSD, Sexual Assault, Suicidal Thoughts Everyone has at least one song from Gaga that they can say saved them, helped them cope, or even made them realize something about themselves they hadn't known before. For me I have a few songs that helped me do all three. Now of course there are other things that her music has done, but in relation to these examples I have 3 songs that had the most impact for me mentally. First one being Joanne. Joanne helped me overcome my grief, come to accept loss of loved ones and loss in general, and just feel emotions. Million Reasons came to my rescue during my depression. I had so many reasons in my life to give up, but I thought of one specific reason to keep going: if I give up here I'll never know what I could have possibly accomplished. This made me keep fighting. Finally, the most recent song from Chromatica being Replay. I have PTSD from a sexual assault that happened to me when I was 5 and it took me until last year to finally accept the feelings and the impact it had on me today and I cried. I realized what had actually been taken from me by force and had to come to terms with the fact I may never experience what I'm supposed to experience now. Gaga saved me many times, but how has she saved you?
  11. Chromatica is my fav because of how much I connect to it. A Star is Born because she took on a lead role in a musical film and slayed every song. Joanne for its broken down style. Cheek to Cheek because it was a total departure from her pop sound, and also cause she worked with the legend of Jazz himself Tony Bennett. ARTPOP for its sound. Born This Way for its inclusivity. The Fame Monster w/The Fame for its originality and ground breaking sound. I love each of them, but Chromatica is my fav of all of them.
  12. I'm looking forward to a more dark toned album too. I think she could have more fun with it now that she's finally accepted her trauma and it won't have to be depressing. But even with some of the depressing subject matter of Chromatica she made it fun. But I agree, I would love for her to work with DJWS again. OOH YESSSS, this too. With the styles of BTW, ARTPOP, and Chromatica blended together she could create something phenomenal. I think if she did that people would think twice about questioning her talent and skills as an artist.
  13. I think Replay shocked me the most, because going through sexual assault of any kind is horrifying, and Replay to me sounds kinda like being in a dissociated state because of the trance like beat. Plus the song itself is basically her stating that she doesn't feel like she's in her own body. "Am I still alive/Where am I? I cry/ Who was it that pulled the trigger?/Was it you or I?" She is basically saying she feels numb and she basically dissociated. I connect with that so much.
  14. 1 the Joanne World Tour, but I went to the show at Fenway and Mohegan Sun. I got to experience the stadium and arena version.
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