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  1. Just checking in about my social anxiety/severe blushing. I just started a new job and having a lot of eyes on me makes it very hard with my blushing. Especially with the masks that make my face heat up even more. love you guys 💕
  2. I think that we shouldn’t even be sharing this video since she obviously did not enjoy being recorded/photographed.
  3. Honestly I hope she joins the Haus again. I want things to be like 2009-2014
  4. Did anybody watch The Me You Can’t See? Prince Harry talked about his blushing when he had anxiety in public. So glad someone famous finally talks about it.
  5. Me too she went on a hiatus for a couple of years but now she’s feeling better. I’m very happy for her. 💕 Yea she’s going down memory lane and she’s in love. Loves it
  6. Yeah it’s not that we aren’t interested but it’s that we are scared of responding because we might blush and make a fool of ourselves. It’s not easy
  7. Yes concentrating on something is supposed to help. My therapist suggested that I focus on my breathing. Tbh it doesn’t always work bug I am trying. We’re not alone even though its hard to find others with this issue. There is a facebook group called iblush where we alla share our stories if you’re interested.
  8. I actually met Tara outside of Gaga’s hotel in Vienna back in 2012 during the btw ball. She is so sweet and kind, she just radiates a beautiful aura of positivity. I loved the times in 2012 when Tara and Gaga were super close, and they would interact with all of us on social media and littlemonsters.com. For some reason, even though I do like Sarah, I just got good vibes when Tara and Freddie were the glam squad… it felt more genuine and more like a family. I really hope that Tara comes back. And this is no shade to Sarah. Paws up
  9. Hey monsters, how are y’all? I suffer from erythrophobia, which if you do not know it’s the fear of blushing/turning red in front of people. It causes social anxiety and it forces you to become very introverted and quiet. I want to share an example: So a couple of weeks ago my friend invited me over for dinner with her mom (mind you this was the first time i met her mother). When I got there she told me that there was going to be another couple joining us, so I was already dreading the idea of sitting at the table and have any attention on me. Of course at some point someon
  10. I know how that feels. I wish I had the answers for you but I feel like s*it every day for not being who my parents probably wanted me to be. when I came out I was in 7th grade and I wanted to kill myself... and that was before my dad completely kicked me out, so you can imagine how i feel today after not seeing my dad for 11 years.
  11. For me it’s useful in that sense because I have no one else to talk to. I am very alienated by my family, I barely have friends, and I’m always alone so it’s good to have someone to talk to. But on that note you have to realize that speaking to someone requires listening, and sometime you can speak with someone and just not agree with what they tell you. My therapist used to give good advice but as time went on it seems like they just lost interest in my story, listening to what I have to say... so lately after most sessions I always feel kind of useless. Though that’s just my experience, ever
  12. Yeah MonsterVisions were amazing. I actually met Tara in Vienna and I started balling 😍
  13. I love the american oreos so much! I don’t know what to do once I run out though 😭
  14. @tony I’ve been seeing a psychologist and a psychiatrist since 2016, but they haven’t been very helpful because I am still very depressed and anxious. Sometimes I think about not going anymore, but as of now I continue to see them.
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