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  1. Ahah yeah they were ducking down because in Brazil fans are crazy 😂
  2. Here’s the link: https://youtu.be/un2gbqwVevM Gaga and Tara look so cute!
  3. I am so emotional. ARTPOP is such a great album, I’ve been dancing to it since 2013. The ARTPOP era was beautiful. I’m so happy!
  4. On the first listen I screamed at Chromatica I transitioning into Alice. but I don’t think I was shocked by anything on Chromatica, there isn’t a “shocking” song tbh. They’re all beautiful though.
  5. I love how Sarah did her ombre lips similarly to the lips she did in the ROM.
  6. I don’t think social media is the only way to stay in touch with friends. You can text, facetime or call a friend. You don’t need to see their selfies to keep in touch. If you look at social media a little bit it’s ok, but if you’re scrolling all day long looking at things that aren’t even “real” I think it gets too much at some point. I am using my time to listen to podcasts, watch series, and take long walks. And I’m spending less time staring at my phone.
  7. I can’t wait to watch this movie
  8. I definitely know what you mean. Whenever I tried deactivating my accounts in the past, fb would always remind me “but what about your page?” or “what about your friends?”. But tbh since the beginning of the pandemic I’ve been on social media non-stop as if any time I refreshed the page I thought I was going to find out something major, which never happened. I think real friends are different from followers or online friends; meaning a real friend will text/call you. We don’t need social media to be in contact with our friends, we can always use the tools we had before the Internet era.
  9. Hey monsters, I quit social media (for now) and I’ve been focusing on looking at things, observing, listening. I’m replaying the chromatica interviews and album and it’s so much fun without all the noise. How are y’all doing?
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