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  1. That was easy actually! Still can't rank the songs from the original album cause it's so good as a whole! Also, Dawn of Chromatica showed us what a diverse fan base we have! Never saw that before!
  2. The visuals to Chromatica make me wish the era never ends
  3. And then Monsters be like "oooooh, she doesn't interact with us anymore! oooh, she doesn't respect us". WHY ARE YOU SURPRISED? The way fans treat her is absolutely disgusting from what I observe being on social media: no promo, fat, no Artpop Act II, where's music video, oh jazz again, where's her hair stylist, oh look she is thin or nah, she is wearing special underwear. People absolutely forgot how to be a human being and this upsets me the most. She is a person! Not your all-time full-time entertainer
  4. Oh my! Guys this is a torture! Chromatica is my from start to end album just like Joanne and I still can't pick. And you ask me to rate 🙈
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