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  1. It's kinda strange that we don't have any news of the album yet. They must be planning a surprise drop or something after the announcement, but we should get official dates/cover shoots by now I think. 

    I'm so excited for this. The locals are going to eat her up, they always love a stripped down and a jazzy version of her

  2. I hope everyone on this platform has been good and having amazing days filled with kindness. If you feel unwanted sometimes, just know that there is a little monster out there who's rooting for you and your success ❤️

  3. On 5/21/2021 at 5:20 PM, Tony said:

    So, I had to write a Story for my Spanish class, it was a project with a lot of points. The teacher said we can write about whatever we wanted, so I decided to write about the only man I've ever fallen in love with. I was nervous because I didn’t know how I was going to react while writing, but it felt therapeutic. I didn’t cry at all, and that was shocking since I used to cry all the time when I thought about him. And yesterday I got the feedback from my teacher and it was super good! I got 10/10 grade and she congratulated me for my story. 

    That's so great to hear! Congratulations on the amazing grade, I'm sure you deserved it! 

    Writing can sometimes be so therapeutic. It can feel a whole lot like pinching you emotions by one end and pouring them out on a paper. I usually write songs when I'm distressed in any way. 

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  4. On 5/28/2021 at 9:56 AM, Leography said:

    According to addictiontovinyl on Insta, a vinyl is also coming soon! (They have an AMAZING track record, there were the first to reveal the Chromatica RSD edition)

    Capture d’écran 2021-05-28 à 08.55.14.png

    The vinyl would be so cool! 😭❤️

    Se streets are saying that Harry Style is on it. I doubt it but omg how could would that be! 

  5. Life's changing so drastically! 

    This week I turned 18, my sister gifted me Voce Viva 😭❤️ she's honestly the best! 

    I got the covid vaccine two days ago and spent the whole day in bed yesterday. I was so sick that I couldn't even stand up straight without fainting. I shivered for three hours straight at night and then broke out into a fever later, my whole left arm (where I got the vaccine) hurt so much that I couldn't even touch it! 

    I'm going to another country now!!! I'm going to meet my mother and I'm so excited. This is going to be such a change for me and I'm excited but also nervous. 

    I'm going to miss my sister so much and my cat too. My sister's probably going to bring her to me when she visits because there is still some paperwork left for the cat. 


    Man, life is changing indeed! 

  6. That must be very hard with you! I understand you become I blush so easily. 

    I blush so much that it becomes very easy to read me. Something embarrassing happens, even if it's a slight inconvenience and my whole face turns red. It's something which I wish I could change. And when the focus is on me, even though I'm extroverted by nature, my cheeks don't hold back at all and go beetroot red. 

    The only advice I can give you is that you should try to not think about it. Because there have been often instances where I go 'oh f*ck I'm going to blush now' and just thinking about it makes me blush. So just keep telling yourself that you're fine and that nothing's going to happen

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  7. 12 hours ago, Tony said:

    One year ago today, Lady Gaga released “Sour Candy” as a promotional track from her album “Chromatica” which was released the day after. 

    I was not ready for that song last year, it’s one of my favorite tracks of the album. And as @michaelmurray says “this is the bottom anthem”. 

    I didn't like it at first ngl. I wasn't too keen on kpop, but over the year I've changed and I love BP now ❤️

    Hope Gaga drops the MV tonight as a one year anniversary gift 😭❤️

  8. 21 minutes ago, Triconoutsold said:

    Will they ever give something good to International fans? I hate that it’s always the US that gets most of it...even some Chromatica merch was available only through US webstore...

    We always get left out 😭❤️

    I've always been so envious of the US monsters. They get Gaga AND the best merch. 

  9. 51 minutes ago, Matt said:

    I'm afraid those pictures are way too rare, but I'm glad you enjoyed it! Unfortunately We had to take it down after a takedown notice. I hope you saved it :)

    Awww no. Good thing it's saved now! 

    Hopefully more come out in the future 🙈

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  10. My heart is hurting so much right now. I can't imagine or fathom her going through that. How could someone betray the trust of a just-legal girl in their own studio and abuse her for months that easily. And to drop her off after being the cause of her misery for months.... Literally rot in hell. 

    And she was pregnant too. The MTN video came out to be true. This is heart wrenching. Poor darling Stefani.

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