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  1. yes, well it was really hard at first because we used to fight every single day, and when she found out that I am gay i was only 12, somewhere around when i was 17 i had my first boyfriend and i she met him eventually, she didn't like it but that opened up a conversation, then I started talking to her about my life, my friends, i let her know through the years that I'm more than just a Gaga fan or a gay person, we started watching RuPaul's Drag Race and she learned a lot watching it, she apologized and now she's basically my best friend.
  2. I am actually quite interested to see what are your favorite photoshoots she has had, I have some preferred ones but I have been in love with and I think the best photoshoot she had was at the end of ARTPOP era for the backdrops on ArtRave in Paris, the photoshoot by Robert Wilson inspired by art, it's just perfect for me: http://www.ifitshipitshere.com/lady-gaga-morphs-into-classic-paintings-via-video-a-comparative-look/
  3. I actually have a great relationship with my mom nowadays after constantly fighting each other for like 8 years just because of me being gay, she thought lady gaga and other artists and media i consumed turned me gay lol, i don't have a relationship with my father at all, i don't know him, and i actually don't speak with my mom's partner at all, i don't like him so I don't care to have a relationship with him.
  4. my favorite gaga music video would be maybe marry the night, cause it tells a story, the visuals are perfect (as always with her), the looks are on point, the cinematic of it all, the choreo and the ending of the video are just amazing.
  5. This seems quite interesting tbh and i hope I win something, cause i never do lol, I'd love it
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