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  1. I LOVE REPLAY, the song is a bop, i love it because it speaks about my problems, my second favorite is babylon, because it gives me that diva attitude and vibes
  2. Hi besties! I wonder what is yours favorite gaga look and what is your least liked look.
  3. Yaaaaas! I love chromatica!!! Not only because of the songs but for the meaning, i love everything about chromatica, and the aesthetic is mwah🤌 Chef kiss, but I’m so sad about the promo :((
  4. Mattiorh

    LGN bolts

    Hi, where i can find how many bolts i have?
  5. I personally love artpop, I think that’s pure pop perfection, i love the ancient greece reference and the art in the pop, i love the fact that the album is electronic pop, what is your favorite gaga album and why?
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