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    Olly Alexander Reimagines 'The Edge of Glory'

    With the release of 'Born This Way: Reimagined' drawing ever closer, actor & singer Olly Alexander from 'Years and Years' has given us another taste of the album with a stunning cover of 'The Edge of Glory'.

    Olly's recent work includes playing the lead role in the critically acclaimed UK drama series 'It's A Sin', which depicts the lives of a group of gay men and their friends who lived during the HIV/AIDS crisis in the 1980's. 

    He is just one of many talented artists who have collaborated with Lady Gaga in celebration of Born This Way's 10th anniversary, including Kylie Minogue, Orville Peck, and Big Freedia

    You can listen to the new track here:

    The final guest artists, who are expected to cover 'Highway Unicorn: Road To Love' and 'Yoü and I', remain unknown for now.

    The full album is set for release on 25th June. You can pre-order the CD on the official Lady Gaga website.

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