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    Gaga Now x The Mighty: "Mental Health for Little Monsters"

    We are very excited to announce our new collaboration with The Mighty


    The Mighty is a "safe, supportive community for people facing health challenges and the people who care for them." It is a platform where you can browse topics on the entire spectrum of health challenges from mental to physical, read stories and get inspired by people who might share similar experiences, join in discussions, seek help and provide support to the others. 


    Throughout her career, Lady Gaga has been open and honest about her own struggles with mental health from her experience with sexual assault to its consequences such as PTSD that emerged later on. She has dedicated her life to helping people understand mental illness and how they can cope with it through her work with the Born This Way Foundation and beyond. As Lady Gaga Now, we truly believe in her vision, and we also believe that pain, mental or physical, is best handled in communities where it can be shared, understood and validated. 

    This is why we have partnered with The Mighty to create a brand new community on their platform: "Mental Health for Little Monsters." Our aim with this community is to establish and maintain a closed-knit community of Little Monsters in a safe and empowering environment where ideas and personal experiences can be shared without judgment.


    There are two ways. If you have noticed, we have a new MENTAL HEALTH section in our forum. We encourage you to share your experiences and respond to others who share theirs in a kind and respectful manner. The page will be highly moderated and any unsuitable behaviour will be penalized to keep it as safe as possible for those who want to be involved.

    Secondly, our "Mental Health for Little Monsters" group is now live on The Mighty app. This initiative is meant to connect the Lady Gaga Now community to the larger Mighty community so that you can reach and interact with even a larger group of people. 


    1. Download The Mighty app and create an account
    2. Using the search option, type “Little Monsters” 
    3. In the search results, pick the “Groups” option at the top, and you’ll see the group. Tap the join button to join!
    (You can also find the group through this link once you download the app.)
    And after you join, don't forget to get to posting, and remember, be kind to yourself and the others. 
    Catch us live in conversation with The Mighty’s Director of Community tomorrow at 2PM ET on Facebook!
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