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    Lady Gaga Reveals Oscar Winners She Wants To Work With On ET

    Lady Gaga was a featured segment on today’s episode of Entertainment Tonight

    The actress/singer spoke about her role as Patrizia Reggiani in House Of Gucci and the admiration for other Academy Winner actors she wanted to work with such as Tom Hanks, Maryl Streep, and Glenn Close.

    In the interview, she stated her influences in her acting and how female empowerment inspires her. She said, “I was fascinated with Marilyn Monroe, Princess Diana, Ella Fitzgerald…” and that, “…a woman’s story is not one thing.”

    A moment when Gaga believed she achieved her dreams was, “…the last performance of the Monster Ball… it rained…” She recalls being immersed in the show and appreciated her community around her.

    On Bradley Cooper, she stated that she, “…wouldn’t have asked anybody else first about this movie…” She felt inspired by her first major role in A Star Is Born and how he took a chance on her.

    Lady Gaga also teased her next project. Though she was not ready to divulge any specifics, she did say she has “something in mind”. 

    While the film itself has been somewhat polarizing amongst critics and viewers, Gaga has been continuously praised for her portrayal of Mauricio Gucci’s ex-wife. Lady Gaga has already garnered a few accolades for the role, and is poised to receive her second Best Actress in a Leading Role nomination at the Academy Awards.


    You can watch read the full interview on etonline.com.

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