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    Lady Gaga Calls for President Trump's Impeachment

    Lady Gaga took to Twitter to voice her concerns over removing President Trump from office via the 25th US Amendment.

    Section 1 of the 25th Amendment states:

    The vice president shall become president if the current one dies, resigns, or is removed from office.

    Lady Gaga pointed out that this will not disqualify President Trump from running for reelection in the future, and that one of the ways lawmakers can prevent this is to push for impeachment. She continued on to say that he incited domestic terrorism with his extremist followers.

    This tweet came after the US Capitol breach where President Trump and Rudy Guiliani (former Mayor of NYC and current legal team member for Trump) instigated mob violence that led to domestic terrorists rioting. Hundreds of nationalists and fascists broke into the United States Capitol building claiming election fraud and demanding President Elect Joe Biden not be sworn in. They wanted the Electoral vote count to be stopped. However, after the National Guard was called in and the city was put under curfew, the count continued and Joe Biden was officially certified the next President of the United States.


    This domestic terrorist attack led to at least 5 dead, over 50 injured, and only over 65 arrests.

    This is the type of violence Lady Gaga was referring to in her tweet and why she believes he needs to be impeached.

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