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    Lady Gaga and 911 Director Go Behind the Scenes in Exclusive Interview

    Lady Gaga and 911 director, Tarsem Singh, go behind the scenes in this exclusive interview for LG OLED TV.

    "I'm so thrilled to see how everyone has responded to the "911" short film. Its meaning is extremely special to me and important in my life," Lady Gaga explains in the video. She goes on to say, "To celebrate our collaboration, Tarsem and I created an exclusive visual experience which will air exclusively on LG OLED TVs. This is an alternate version of the "911" short film made to push the boundaries of the visuals and truly deliver them the way we envisioned them."

    The three minute clip then dives into the questions for the director.


    Q: "What drew you to the Lady Gaga 911 film?"
    TS: "I have just 3 or 4 stupid ideas that I've had since college. I just stick by them, and sometimes when a song comes along, you go, "Alright it fits." Or it doesn't. Sometimes it takes 2 years, and in this particular case, it's taken 28 years. When I heard the song, the thing that clicked it was [the fact] they sent that classical piece [Chromatica II] up ahead with it. Because that classical piece was there, I knew what the front would be. So when she explained to me what the song was about, I had a periphery of an idea. And once she told me, I said, "Okay, I can tailor it even more, [...] it'll just be about somebody who didn't take their medication and ended up causing an accident, or was in an accident, and has taken all the things around them and abstracted them in a format that kind of doesn't give it away until you realize the 3rd time." When I told it to her, she said there can be no other idea that is the music video. So I got up and I kind of did a victory lap. When I sat back down in the chair, I realized that she was crying. And then I kind of realized that it was a really personal thing for her. It's their song, you're Interpreting it in a particular way."

    Q: "Why is it important to see it as you intended?"
    TS: "I'm Indian so I tend to like color. It's very important that you know all the colors and what it reflects because if you watch it on a bad thing you'll judge it with that.  For me, I wish everybody could watch it on an LG TV. If you can and want to see what the filmmaker intended, if you want to see how crushed the blacks are, and how the contrast ratio is perfect, I would say watch it on that."


    Q: "Can you elaborate on the ending?"
    I thought let's see a billboard, and the billboard affects them. It says Life's Good. This is the person on the brink of, "shall I let go? Shall I die?" And she sees this and she's reacting to Life's Good, and she goes, "I don't want to die."


    Lady Gaga ends the exclusive footage with, "the LG OLED TVs and this special version of the film will allow you to see the vibrant colors, dramatic blacks, infinite contrast, and other details of our film unlike anywhere else. We hope you enjoy. Much love."


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