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    Kylie Minogue Wants to Collaborate with Lady Gaga

    Kylie Minogue recently name dropped Lady Gaga in various interviews while promoting her fifteenth studio album, Disco. Minogue stated she would like to collaborate with Lady Gaga, and listed her as a source of inspiration.

    The pop legend told Elle Magazine, “I’d love to work with more women, as I haven’t done much of that. You could say any of the top girls right now: Dua is definitely having a great time. Lady Gaga, Miley [Cyrus]. I admire these women.”

    When asked who inspires her, Minogue said, "I think Lady Gaga is a great example. She is just a powerhouse. She seems fearless; I'm sure she's not. All performers have their insecurities. All of us are trying at each stage of your life to do something different, to be bold, to be respected, to be all of those things."

    Kylie Minogue's new album, Disco, is out now for streaming and downloading.

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