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    GagaRadio Episode 2: BURNS

    The second episode of GagaRadio has now aired on Apple Music. This week's episode had English producer and DJ, Burns, as it's guest. Gaga talked about how she made music for Chromatica in the dark, due to her depressions, and slowly came back to the light.

    "This was so special to me, I have to hand it to all of you guys, I was basically making music in the dark when I started this record because I was so depressed, I slowly came back to life." 

    The singer also talked about her love for Replay:

    "You know that Replay is our baby, I was so obsessed with your production on that song."

    Gaga also asked BURNS if he had a favorite memory of making Chromatica, to which he said that making the album was at the height of his musical experience.

    You can listen to the episode on Apple Music or on the player embed in this article. 

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